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Default Serious Fungus

Please refer to:

I have a new home in Maine. When clearing my wooden lot the branches were chipped and blown into the woods in a large pile. After moving in, I stored my boat next to this pile. The wood chips decayed and I now have thousands of small, pinhead sized, hard shelled spots all over my boat. (Artillery Fungus) Everything is covered, fiberglass, stainless steel, glass, aluminum window frames and galvanized trailer. I can scrape these spot off but they leave stains on the fiberglass which I can't remove. I have a large inventory of products I've tried including: rubbing compound, bleach, acetone, MEK, bottom cleaner, paint thinner and a bunch of different types of cleaners. Nothing works! I'm now using 1000 Grit wet/dry sandpaper sanding wet followed by an aggressive buffing compound, followed by a polishing compound and a good wax. A lot of work. I've had pros look at the boat with no other suggestions. Insurance doesn't cover this. This is bad news and I'm trying to spare others from going through this expensive task.
The wood chips in this pile are oak and pine. I have cedar mulch up against the house and have no problems there. Most articles I've read about "Artillery Fungus" has been directed towards vinyl siding and cars. The spores from this fungus are atracked towards the sun or anything that reflects the sun, a nice white surface. Virtually impossible to remove.
Protect your prized toys.
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Welcome to MOF wassachu
Thanks for the heads up
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