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Default Betty 0 7-20-08

Had some free passes for Marina Del Rey that were about to expire so I went down there on Sunday along with fellow 976-tuna member Jeannie (Fisherbabe), her boyfriend Matt and friend Shane and we jumped on the 3/4 day Betty O. Left the docks at about 8am with about 30 or so other people and we headed out for some rockfishing. Bait was already loaded on the boat with Sardines and anchovies and frozen squid too. Overcast morning flat calm ocean, the sun finally came out, just a great day out on the water.

Made several moves throughout the day fishing in 200-300ft of water catching misc types of rockfish. Vermillion Reds, Chuckleheads, some Salmon Groupers and 2 lings. Fishing was kind of slow for most of the morning, most seemed like they only wanted the squid. Plastics and fin bait were not working too well at all. Our last stop was a sculpin spot and that pretty much made the day. Some really nice size sculpins were coming over the rail. Jeannie was the hot stick on the sculpins. Almost every drop she was getting bite almost right away. It must have been that girl charm she turned on to get all the sculpin to bite but I'm probably sure she won't admit it.

Finally pulled anchor and headed in and we were back at the dock's by about 4pm. Gave all of my fish to a group of people that was out the first time and were not having such good luck as we were. Pretty decent fishing and a nice way to spend a Sunday.

Sorry no pics. Nothing really worth taking pics of, and you guys have all seen pics of rockfish. LOL.

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If you ever catch any sand dabs send them back down for a chance at big lings.

I am sure you made there day when you gave them fish to take home.

Thanks for the report!
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way to go Ray,...,,,
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That was nice of you!!! Yeah if you have any sand-dabs, send them back ME cause I love eating the hell out of them!
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