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Default Gyudon...

K, it's been way to long since some one posted up a recipe so here's one I make all the time....Glomed of the net long time ago, beats the hell out of Yoshinoya. Super easy and onolicious! And no its not should only be cooked raw

Honestly this is more like one and a half to two servings for normal size guyz so adjust acordingly. And the benishoga is NOT optional in my house, not having it is like french fires with out ketchup!

4 cups steamed Japanese rice (No, long grain doesnt cut it)
1 pound thinly sliced beef (get already cut sukiyaki beef from your nearest asian store if you can)
1 onion (big ol' vidallia or if you can find um, Maui onion)
1 1/3 cup dashi soup (If you are totally lost with this just use a packet from 'top-ramen'...Um, I think I would use shrimp flavor as that would be the closest to the traditional bonito/kelp dashi)
5 tbsps soy sauce
3 tbsps mirin
2 tbsps sugar
1 1/2-2 tsp sake
*benishoga (red ginger) for topping (plenty of benishoga!!!! Most grocery stores have this in where they have the Tofu)

Cook Japanese rice. Slice onion thinly. Cut beef into bite-sized pieces (why bother, get sukiyaki beef!). Put dashi, soysauce, sugar, mirin, and sake in a pan. Add onion slices in the pot and simmer for a few minutes. Add beef in the pan and simmer for a few minutes (I let mine simmer for for at least 15 minutes covered and the last 5 minutes or so uncovered). Serve hot steamed rice in a deep rice bowl. Put the beef topping on the top of rice. Place some (some? PLENTY!) benishoga (red ginger) on the top.

You can also add carrots and potatoe chunks to this and make a kick ass beef soup (Niku Jaga).
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cool when do we eat?
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sounds ono!!
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