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Default Rpt Sun & Mon 5-27&28 Catalina Limits of Ghosts!

They say even a blind squirrel finds an acorn, every now and then, well I have to say, seeking out the elusive grey ghost has definitely put me in the category of a blind squirrel, and I finally found an acorn, I mean Grey Ghost! After numerous attempts this year, we all struck grey gold!

Fishing Sun.. & Mon. with John Cavour on his spiffy 24' Shamrock "Get Smart", with crew Roger. We left Huntington Harbor at 5pm Sun. afternoon. We stopped at Nachos, for a very generous scoop of live squid, knowing full well this was not only an omen, but a genuine gift, considering I had called Long Beach Carnage earlier with a response that no one made squid Sat. night at Catalina.

So we cleared the harbor and the seas were not looking friendly, lots of wind and white caps, but fortunately little swell. The ride over to Catalina was not a gentle one, somewhat bumpy; however, we maintained a steady pace of 17 knots to enable us to set up on the West End before high tide at 7:35.

The backside was extremely calm, with a light breeze, and as we approached our targeted location, there were only two other boats setup in the general area, one private boater, and a luxurious yacht, anchored way outside of us. We metered around and set anchor in 40 feet, with numerous fish marks raising our expectations for a successful evening. Unfortunately the current was uphill, against the swell, and the boat swung in many directions, making the process of keeping lines pointed in the right direction, a challenge.

As nightfall arrived, the beer and wine flowed generously, while we ate chicken, snacks, and other goodies, while it wasn?t long before sleepy eyes, and yawns were dominant. We thanked the Good Lord for a splendid evening of calm seas, and virtually no swells. All of a sudden I was bit, the predator running straight out to sea, taking a good 150 yard run. Yep, it was a Mud Marlin, about 50 lbs. A little later, another sound of my screaming reel, this time nearly 200 yards of line was extended, four times around the boat, and a huge 80-100 lb. Mud Marlin appeared, darn. I repeated this process one more time with another huge Mud Marlin, taxing my strength and stamina, having just last Wednesday, reaching my 60th birthday. So a little after 10pm, I decided a nap would be in order.

At 11:21 PM, I hear shouts from Roger and John, there biting Cory! Roger is bent doubled over screaming for a gaff, while John was retying his outfit having been brutally broken off by a vicious bite, on his 20 lb. rig. I grabbed the gaff, as Roger?s White Sea Bass arose from the depths. I swung the gaff, but something prevented me from reaching the WSB, I swung again, same result, Roger said give me the gaff. I stood by as he swung and missed several times. Then it all became apparent why, the WSB was tangled in the anchor line, prevented the gaff from reaching the fish. Remember it is pitch dark outside. Anyhow, Roger managed to reach under the rope and stick the WSB, a fat 30 Lb. fish. The skunk was finally off the boat.

Roger and his big WSB, caught on a live squid with a 2 oz. leadhead, and 40 lb.

John was bit again, and it quickly unbuttoned, bummer. I re-baited my Tady 4/0 glow in the dark white jig, with several live squid, dropping it to the bottom and winding up several feet off the bottom. I turned to high five Roger, and my rig went ballistic. Line was screaming out of my Trinidad 30, with 40 lb. test pink Ande line. The fish headed straight out to sea, taking more than 100 yards of line with it, oh gad, this must be another Mud Marlin, but wait, it started a series of head shakes, similar to WSB? I managed to get it stopped, as it circled the boat several times, finally sounding and beginning the death circle. There it was a white blur in the water, it was huge, and yes it was a WSB. Roger stuck it in the head, and we shared high fives together.

Another look at my 38 Lb. WSB.

Roger and Cory with their WSB.

On the deck with both WSB.

We had no more bites after midnight, and at 2:30 am, we all gave in to some much needed sleep.

We woke up Monday morning at a little before 5am. The grey light was awakening. The meter showed fish. We began to chum furiously, hoping to get John a WSB to finish our limits. The blue perch, mackerel, and assorted other bait fish were all around the boat, indicating s good sign. Shortly before 7:30 am the six pac boat Dream showed up. It looked like he wanted to move in right where we were anchored, moved down the line, and then quickly returned to anchor up about 100 yards up swell from us. Not five minutes passed, when we saw one of their anglers hook up and land a WSB, then another hookup, and a third. Wow, that was impressive. Then John hooks up, yippee! Roger and I cleared all lines, and John fought his fish with total passion, and control, up it came, and I stuck it with a direct headshot. Limits of WSB, oh yeah!

John with his WSB.

All three WSB on the deck.

Pulled anchor, and headed for Two Harbors, needing more ice, and beer.

We found a nice kelp area to finish the day limiting out on Calico Bass, all released, and a few Sheep Head, one kept.

Cory with a Calico Bass.

Roger with a Calico Bass

All in all, a fantastic trip. John thanks so much, what a blast of a two day trip. Thanks for the invite, and great to fish with you again Roger. Hope we do it again soon. Cory
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Excellent job Cory!
WTG guys
Thanks for the report
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Good to hear you guys got'em!

Congrats on the limits of wsb and nice grade too!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Nice fish guy's, way to go!
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nice wake up call.
good thing you sprung into duty...
Surg. A.K.A. CanyonDiver
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