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Default Cancun Oct 2005 Part 2

Thursday The Beginning of Wilma
Well after packing everything we really couldn?t do much. Hotel management wouldn?t let you leave the premises. It rained most of the day.
All we did is watch CNN, to see what was happening with Wilma. Hoping that it would take a hard right and we could continue with our vacation. Fat chance!
We walked around looking at the hotel crew board-up

Checked out the Surf

This was a view from our patio that afternoon
Now I want all of you to remember this pic.

Well evening came and we thought we?d better get something to eat. Went down to the caf? at the palpa and it was closed. Ask at the front desk where we could get a bite and they said we couldn?t because they were starting to evacuate. Now it hits me. This is really happening.
At about 7:30pm while we were hanging in the lobby talking to Bruce and Pam (a couple that we met earlier in the week) we overheard these two other couples wanted to stay also, only their rooms were facing the ocean side of the hotel like Bruce and Pam?s room. Our room faced the lagoon side of the hotel. So I ask at the front desk if we could stay in our room and they said; nope! Then awhile later while waiting in the lobby they started letting people sign waivers to stay so I went and signed one. Then Jeri and I offered the three couples to stay in our room since there was plenty of room for everyone. Well a little while later management says that the Federales said mandatory evacuation and we had to leave the premises. So the Eight of us decide to stick together through this escapade.

Waiting for the buses

We finally get to the front of the line
In this pic starting from the right (Bruce, Robin, Jeri, Kelly, Me)

In the bus
Bruce and Pam

Jeri and Me

Well we arrive at this elementary school in this neighborhood that looked real bad. It looked kind of like going into the hood in Los Angeles.
We get off the bus and enter this school. We start looking for a place to hunker down. Mind you there where only 15 rooms in the whole place. We look in the first 10 rooms and they were full and I mean full. So venture off to the last building and find an empty room. I go back and get the others and we start to claim our spots.

Jeri and I get our spot

Everyone else minus Bruce and Matt on the other side

Later we had 13 more people come into the room that night.
Everyone kinda just sat there and slowly we all fell asleep. For some reason no one every shut off the light that night.

All it did was rain all day. The water was starting to rise between the buildings. The Toilets over flowed.
We got news of food being delivered, so we went down to the room were the food was and come to find out we each get a can of tuna and a package of soda crackers ( woopie doodle F***)

The view outside of our room

We of course don?t have much to do so everyone pretty much slept on and off.
That night Wilma hit and it hit hard. We lay on the floor getting ready to go to sleep for the night. By the way we lost electricity before nightfall. When Jeri felt water on the floor. Everyone gets up and opens their cell phone to light up the room and find out that water was coming in the front door. Everyone blankets were wet.
So now we all have to sleep in these elementary school chairs that you can see here to the right of Bruce and Pam

It was a pain in the ass trying to sleep in these chairs and keep your feet out of the water.
No one really got any sleep that night. Anytime one person would wake up all cell phone came out for light and as soon as the person up got settled everyone phone would close and we?d try going back to sleep. Which kinda hard because of Wilma. It sounded like there was a freight train right along side of the building and jumbo jet landing on the roof while the rain was actually going through the room vertically it was wild.

It calmed down but was still raining and gave us a chance to take a look around.

This was the main entry to school. Mind you it had wrought iron gates and a block wall when I seen it last.

Most of the block wall around the school was destroyed

Everyone got a little friendlier.

Here we have
Phil his wife Nancy from New Jersey, Cathy and Karen from Manhattan.
We?ve already met up with Karen since Wilma in Oceanside around Thanks Giving.

Here we have Chuck his son Thomas and his wife Chris from Kentucky
Believe it or not he and his wife both slept on that table

From the left
Here we have Debbie and her husband Bob from Colorado, Todd and his wife Robin from San Francisco

From the left
Matt and his Wife Kelly from San Francisco. Who we?ve met up with also since Wilma

Pam, Bruce and Julie minus her husband Jeff

Joe and his wife Lynn don?t remember where they?re from
Lynn is diabetic and didn?t have enough meds, luckily I had some of the same meds she took.

Remember I mentioned that the toilets were not working.
Well Saturday when we really needed to go. The people in the house across the street let us use their toilet. Their house was flooded also but they helped us all out. These people were nice enough to make huge pots of coffee and walk around the school and hand it out. They also made some soup with noodles and tomato sauce, wieners, these big balss of cheese and distributed it around, if it weren?t for the people in the neighborhood we wouldn?t have eaten. The Tuna really didn?t go far at all. I also bought a candle from these nice folks. So that we?d at least have some kind of light at night.
Later that day I see this line of people and go over to look Yee Ha! It?s a burger line. Bam I was in line for some of this stuff. All the people who fed us want no money for the hospitality, but who ever could give did. Now when we left the resort most did not bring money and now there is no possible way to get some.
During the day Matt and I went into the neighborhood to look for a store for some bleach to disinfect the floor in our room. Because the toilets had over filled and it was flowing into the water that was between the buildings and getting tracked into the room. Nothing was open, being that the whole area was a disaster. It helped that I spoke Spanish. This guy directed us to what looked like a small house and said they would help us. So off we went. We get there and these people take us in through this door that looked like it went to a garage and sure enough it was a very small store. We get back and Chuck, Matt and myself disinfect the floor.
Anyway, now with the block walls knocked down we noticed another school behind us and come to find out there toilets work, but you still needed to pour water down it to flush it. They had a couple guys from the school getting water from a well and handing it to people as they used the restrooms. Later that afternoon some of the girls had to go so Todd, Matt and myself walked them over to use the toilets and the people staying in that school had shut the gates and said the toilets were out of order. While I?m arguing with these guys, because I didn?t believe them Todd sneaks around through a hole in the wall and comes back to tell us that the toilets were working fine. Well that was a bunch of Bull! I tell these guys that we?ll be back. Now we have one Person from the resort staying in our camp that is supposed to be in charge. I tell him he?d better do something about the situation or he?s gonna have a war on his hands. Me and some other guys were getting together to go take over the restrooms. It?s amazing what you?ll do when ya gotta go. But the guy got them to let us use the toilets after all without any confrontations.
We had to make a toilet for the women out of the wastebasket in the room and use bottles for the men, because we couldn?t go out during the hurricane that night. When the women had to go the other girls would have to hold up a blanket to hide them.
That night everyone but Jeri, Kelly and I, were sleeping. We lay on the floor in the middle of the room facing the candle we had set on the floor quietly talking and listening to the hurricane start all over again. We thought it had turned and come back. Come to find out it stalled offshore so we got pounded for two days. While we lay there we heard a huge boom and felt the floor shack. I get up and look through the wood slats that we had for windows and can?t see anything it was so dark. Oh yeah! all of the windows in the school have no glass. That night felt like the trains and jets were back.

We all wake up and head out. The rain had stopped, we even seen some birds for the first time in a few days. Every tree around didn?t have a leaf on them. Also I found out what that boom was. A 30? section of block wall that was next to the building went down in one big chunk. The neighborhood people came around again with soup, coffee, and even the news paper were we read that there was 60? of rain fall in those 2 days.
It was kinda funny everyone comes out of all the classrooms and a few people head out to the bleachers to sit a just relax with no rain. Felt like we were in prison and we were just let out to the courtyard

These are some people Jeri knew from the river years ago
Small world

Some of the local kid kept us entertained and played some soccer

Then Good News the food arrives
So we get all the men and start off loading it to one room

We found out that on Saturday the military brought food for all and left it the area you see above between the first 2 buildings. And the people there never told us or even offered to share it with anyone in the 3rd building. DOGS! It?s funny how people get when they get in situations like this. Even when we were unloading the food I find out this one guy steals some of these care packages from the line and takes it to his room.
So after we were done unloading someone tells me what room it was and I go inform the resort people of this dirt ball just thinking of himself, and they yank it back.

Our Food

Group pic

The first night we got to the school I met this guy Sal, he told me he was getting out of there and he did. He new some people from the resort that came to the school and picked him up and his granddaughters. He told me he?d be back to check on us when the hurricane was over and bring some Tequila. Later Sunday while Jeri and I were just shooting the bull this guy Sal come up through the crowd and give us a big hug sure as shit he was good to his word. He came back found us and brought the Tequila. It was a half a bottle but that was awesome anyway. I immediately drank it and shared with some Matt. Well we had to have more so off into the neighborhood Jeri, Matt, Kelly and I went. We hit everywhere. Apparently it was like martial law and it was illegal to sell any alcohol. We?d ask people and they?d look at us like we were crazy. They would just shack their heads no right away. So here we?re standing on a corner and this VW pulls up to us and asked what are you looking for. I tell him beer, Tequila, alcohol. He says he can get us wine and to go to twelve street second house on the right you can get it there. Then says better yet where are you gonna be. I told him right here so he says he?ll be right back. Within 5 minutes he?s back but he says he couldn?t get the wine and pulls out 1/5th of Vodka and a pint of Bacardi, I ask how much and he says whatever you want to give so I hand him 20 bucks. Felt like a drug deal going down. We go back to Camp (at least that?s what we started calling it) with the bottles hidden (didn?t want to offend anyone). Jeri, Kelly, Matt, Robin, Todd and myself go in our little corner of the room and start making screwdrivers with the orange juice that came in our care package. Some of the others started wondering what we were doing so we showed them and then everyone in our room starts having some drinks and the alcohol is gone fast. Well Matt, Bob and I head over to twelve street and no one there knows anything about anything. I?m talking ton these people at the house and they say they don?t know any Victor ( the guy in the VW) Well the people across the street are coming out of their house to see what the Americans are doing. They here me asking about booze and then I hear this whistle I look across the way look in through the front door and in the house is this guy holding up a 5th of Bacardi I go over and buy it from him for $10 And we head on our way just then the people we were talking to first call us back. I turned around to see them holding up 2 -5ths of Bacardi we go back and only buy one of them. Well now we need some coke to drink it with. So back in the hood we go. Asking people were we can soda. We walk up to a family sitting on their porch watching us and ask them they say nothing is open for business around there and they can?t help us. So off we go. My feet were sore so was walking a little slower the Matt and Bob. They took a turn down one of the streets before me and when they that family called me back. I went back and they handed me a 2-liter bottle of Coke. I ask how much and they say nothing I still offer some money and they refuse it. I meet up with Matt and Bob and they found some guy selling soda out of an ice-chest. They look at my bottle and say oh sure the white boys leave and then they give you the soda LOL.
We get back to camp and our room has a party. This pretty much cut the tension we had going because of our situation. Booze consumed Matt And I bust out the spam a spoon and go to town on it. We all were feeling pretty good we lay down to hit the hay mind you it about 8pm. Everyone?s laying on the floor it?s quiet and Jeri says goodnight Jon boy I say goodnight Maryellen and the whole room starts busting up what a roll it was. We sound like a room full of kids just laughing are Asses off, we start talking about chasing hurricanes and silly stuff like that calling ourselves The Cancun Campers.
It was kinda funny the women were saying how there was very little snoring by the men during our stay there. I warned them when I drink I snore. Well so do all of the other guys. We snored our Asses off.

Well the women decided to change our group name to Wilma?s Warthogs because of all the snoring that night.
We got out and sat on the bleachers and wonder when we would get out of this hellhole. Watched the locals as they stood in line for their rations of food from their government

Then The Word Comes
We?re going back to the Resort. Buses start pulling up to the school. Man you just don?t know how happy everyone was.

We didn?t take anything with us other than our personal stuff, The food we go the day before was left for the locals. These people our something else. You should have seen them when the hurricane was over they. They got out and cleaned their own streets up. Not waiting for the city or government to do it for them.
Off we go

On our ride back to the Resort we were awe of the destruction that was caused, it looked like an atomic bomb was dropped on Cancun. The bus had to maneuver it?s way through the streets because of fallen trees, poles and debris. We would have been back to the Resort earlier but the lagoon and ocean had become one down the hotel strip. We had to go back the long way kinda like from the airport in to the strip. Those of you that have been there know this area going in to the strip from the airport way is so full of vegetation that you can?t see the lagoon and the ocean well now you can. Every tree was bare.
Well as we?re headed down this part towards the Resorts the stinking bus driver stops the bus where there was a bunch of coconuts laying in the median to let us get some. What a DIP! We all look at him like he?s freaking crazy just get us back to the resort. We pull up to the Royal Mayan and a rep boards the bus welcomes us back, says we have to get our keys redone in order to get back in our rooms. Also they were expecting some generators. Well as Jeri got our key reprogrammed I went to see if the bar was opened. Well nope still can?t sell it. I notice a line for food and a sign that read Breakfast @ 9am and dinner @3pm and that would be it for the day. I hopped in line and waited for some real food. Took the food back to the room where Jeri and I ate.
The whole ways back from the shelter I couldn?t help but wonder if I would have made the right decision to stay at the hotel during the hurricane. When we pulled up to our hotel it was practically untouched. It stood up better than all the other hotels. Our room was perfect. Only problems were no electricity no running water. We had to take our wastebaskets down to the pool for water to flush the toilets and huff them back upstairs. The pool water was actually ocean water now. We used some of the water to take a bath with a cup and washrag beings that we hadn?t had one in 4 days. Man those were some cold baths. But we felt great afterwards. Then it was time to get in line for dinner we got up to the front of the line about 10 people short of getting served and they announce that the food is gone, no dinner that night. The hotel requested that we stay in our rooms after 7pm in case of looters and that there would be no employees there after 4pm

We have breakfast. Meet up with The Cancun Campers and all decide to take the bus down to the main zone to check out the damage.
Here are some pics

TGI Fridays

We found a merchant open and there is about 19 of us who rode in from our group.
We all hit him up for some booze and he runs upstairs and pulls it out of his stash. We get back to the hotel and arrange to meet that night at the palapa by the pools. Meeting time comes and the parties on. Dark as all hell. All you could see were the candles that people on their balconies had out it was pretty cool seeing this area lit up by candles.

To the right you can see the palapa where we partied.
Well we were all feel no pain I blurt out real loud (Daylight come and we want to go home). Someone on a balcony yells out Da oh Da a oh and it continues around what a blast. It was time to hit the hay.

Try to get our cell phone charged up on the generator
It took about 3 hours by the time I was done

Remember that pic I told you to remember

Captains Cove

This Guy had nowhere to hide

Now during these few days no flight were going in or out.
The front deck says that the military has the roads closed to the airport and the only way you can get through is with a boarding pass and be on a charted bus provided by the airlines. Well one problem you first have to go down town at designated areas for the different airlines and try to get a flight out. First come first serve.
Well during this last week my sister here in the states was changing my flight daily.
So I?d have a chance to get out. Gotta love her.
Well I find out where we have to go. Only one problem we were out of $$$ and now way to get any no banks, ATM open anywhere.
That evening we head over to Phil?s, Nancy?s, Cathy?s and Karen?s room for some drinks. As we?re talking Phil knows Jeri and I have a chance to get a flight on Thursday but have no cash to get a taxi till banks reopen. He hands me $50 bucks and says make sure you get out. $25 should get to the designated area and if we can?t get a flight we can get back to hotel with the other $25.
After that I went down to reserve a taxi for 6am. The place we were going to, opened at 9am.


We got up earlier than we expected and got out luggage and all @5:30am. Taxi driver gets lost taking us there. But we get direction from another cab driver. Get ther @6am and holy moly all kinds of people there. We get in this line and come to find out at about 8am when some Mexicana employees get there that it was the wrong line. They yell out those of you that were here yesterday this line those of you who weren?t form a line here, DAMN!
We move to the new line to wait to get on the next days list. While waiting the lady in front of us is getting irate thinking people are cutting in line and getting ahead of us. We get on the list and the lady taking name say there is a possibility we can still get out if they don?t fill all 7 flights. But we?d find out at about 3pm. Well time to sit and wait.
While waiting the airline employee?s yell out that the Elderly, Families with kids under 5, special care people and pregnant women would be first to go. Now that lady that was getting irate with her husband comes over by us and waits also. All of in sudden she?s holding her stomach moaning and groaning. Well one of the guys from Mexicana goes over and asks her are you ok she replies no I?m feeling sick to my stomach and I?m pregnant. He immediately asks her for her original confirmations she hands them to him and then says this couples with us he asks us for our confirmations and goes in to the building and comes out with boarding passes for the second flight out.
We board the bus and on our way we go to the airport. We get up to the military roadblock and sure as they said only the charter buses were being allowed through. There were all kinds of people sitting there with their luggage off to the side of the road not being allowed through. What a bummer.
Next stop Mexico City where we have a 4 hour layover but that?s ok we?re on our way home. That?s when I finally had my first cold drink in a week. Yep! It was a beer.
We arrive at midnight in LAX. Where my Mom, Dad and two sisters pick us up in a limo with plenty of Champaign. Have never been so happy to be in LA
Well we?re keeping in contact with everyone from our shelter and made some lifelong friends. We?re all planning to meet for a reunion. Phil? Well he won?t give me address to send his money back to him.
We just got an e-mail from Karen (1/13/2006) and she?s already back in Cancun having a good time. The Royal resorts are all up and running but she said there is still a lot of work in the hotel zone that needs to be done
Oh Yeah see the handrails on the roofs they were smashed by waves. They said the hotel was hit with 40 to 60 foot waves

You can go here to see all of my pics and Pam?s pics. For Pam?s pics look in (my friend Album)

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Wow whata story and worth the wait

I will learn from your experence and if this happens to me,I am buying a ton of food and drinks to last a month

I am trying to picture you guys walking around town looking for booze

Good to hear you guys made the best of things and came out safe.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story and pictures!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Dam, what a story! Thanks for chronicling it for us and taking all that time to put it together.
'Nana says "spike the box!"

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Wow, what a story! Thanks for taking the time to share your story and pictures with us.
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Thanks for the story Dave. What a story. Wow. Glad you and Jeri made it back OK.
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Thanks everyone!
It was such a disaster and yet something nice came of it.
I'm talking about the people we met. They were really great people.
Boy in some of the other rooms people didn't get along.
We heard of a room that voted a person out of their room.
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