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Friday night I tried Hoop netting for the first time with two coworkers that have never been on a boat before. We had perfect conditions, little current, no swell, good viz, no wind. Tied up at Bill?s and proceeded to make bait with no problem. Then we started the first of three drops with five nets on the outside of the Long Beach brake wall for nothing more than a Spider Crab and two Rock Fish. It sure was a learning experience. First off, I should have tried a different location; the brake wall is hard to work around. Got some lines prop rapped, twice. The guys did a great job baiting, dropping and pulling the nets and were soaking wet by the end of the night. There is defiantly some technique to be learned all around but especially in the pull. We all had a good time, drank 36 beers in three hours and headed for the barn. I think I will try it again soon with the family next time but you guys know that means that I will be doing all the work as they watch? maybe I will rethink this again.
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Oh yeah I've tried the LA break and had the same report you had. And got soaked also.
But you gotta try
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The "little current" will do you in, the more the better. At least you were out though, 100% better than what I've been up to.
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Hoopnetting is hard work for sure, even when youve done it a while, especialy the pull. Everything can be perfect, but if the nets are disturbed before the hard pull you can count on a empty net . I cant wait to get my cert. so I can just swim down and scoop em up . JP
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the new cone nets help out alot if you do not have them. Diving is also a challange since the lobsters are very hard to catch.
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I was just kidding about scooping them up . I have dove for them off the rocks and missed alot, so "I feel your pain". I love the new nets, but for some reason they seem to get hung up on the bottom more often, I have lost 3 nets this season, and nearly lost more. I have one little upgrade suggestion for hoopnetting w/ these nets. The three spaced out lines that the plastic clips on the end I have replaced w/ small brass clips, or you can work out something yourself, the problem is that these clips will snap if you get your hoop stuck and pull to hard, and they do. I put new brass clips on each end, or you can just reinforce one clip, the plastics will snap, but youll still be attached, then we wrap around the bow cleat and go forward/reverse untill its free, or bent into a taco. The only bad thing is if you are totally hooked you ll lose the rope also. We havent lost one since. JP
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