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Default Catalina WSB! 5/3

Met up with MikeLB,SouthBound(Chris),and Mokaction(Larry) at 6:30am for a day of spearfishing at Catalina.

We knew the wind and swells were up but figured we would get out early and get back early before the wind picked up in the afternoon.

Well that plan was out the door as soon as we came out of the harbor to 4-6ft swells with light wind.

As we got out past PV Rocky Point there was a mixed swell but we were able to maintain 18kts so we just took it slow and kept going toward Catalina.

By midchannel the swells were from 6- 8ft but not too much wind so we were able to maintain the same speed all the way to the island.

We finally make it to our dive spot and Chris is the first into the water then Larry and Mike. They covered the cove and only saw large calico's but no wsb so we make a move to the otherside of the cove and same results.

We then move to the next cove down and again no signs of wsb.

Its now about 12pm and it was time to head back before the wind picks up but I say we have to try the first spot again since I know they are there.

Only Chris gets in the water and Mike is seasick LOL and Larry just wanted to relax and fish rod and reel.

Then Chris yells out that he got one and they are heading east!

Mike gets geared up and in the water and here is a pic of Larry with a koolaid smile thinking he is going to get a wsb!

Larry rolls over into the water and knocked his mask off his face and into the water. The pic below is Larry packing up his stuff bummed he lost his mask.

Chris and Mike work up and down the kelp for about 30min and Chris yells out that the wsb are heading right toward Mike so we yell to Mike to get ready they are coming.

After about 3min Mike says they swam by but out of range and couldn't get a shot off.

Its now later then we planned so Mike and Chris get back to the boat and Chris starts doing some dives to look for Larry's mask in 42ft,after about 4 dives Chris comes back up with Larry's mask.

Here is a pic of Chris's wsb back on the boat.

The ride back in was not as bad as we thought it would be and we averaged 20kts all the way.

It was great to finally meet you Larry and always nice to hang out with MikeLB and Sounthbound again
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!


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