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Default Rpt Sat 01-24-09 Mexican coastal rockfish

Fishing on Sat., 01-24-09 for the first time in five weeks, since suffering blood clots in my leg and lungs, with Harry on his 23’ Striper, “Sea Dawg” with crew Ed and Aaron. We all met at Harry’s home at 6:30 am. I drove down from Diamond Bar in scattered showers the whole way, and it was still raining when I arrived at Harry’s. We locked and loaded the boat, and finally the rain ceased. It never did rain again.

Harry and ED expressed an interest in fishing shallow water, so I guided them to an area I had success in many times, down the coast. The ride down was extremely pleasant, and we were able to maintain speeds near 30 knots. We arrived in the area around 8:30 am. I only had one set of numbers with me, and it was not in the area I wished to start fishing in. Consequently we spent a great deal of time exploring with little success. We metered fish here and there, and found some structure, but the fish were definitely not in a biting mood. Aaron managed to catch a dandy 4 lb. Calico Bass on the iron, and a few sand bass to go with one 2 lb. Vermillion. The rest of us caught a few short lings and baby rockfish. We spent the entire morning exploring some five miles in area and just couldn’t find any biters.

Aaron with a Calico Bass caught on Ed’s jig.

Harry suggested we salvage the day and took us to some of his reliable spots. It was now after 1pm, yet despite a morning breeze in the 10-12 knot range the seas were now calm. Our first drift was incredible, as all four of us hit bottom and immediately hooked up with hungry and feisty Vermillion’s in the 2-4 lb. range. The second drift produced another quad hookup, this time producing 3 Reds and a Copper Rockfish. Ed and I both made it down again on the same drift and managed another Red each. A few more drifts resulted in 2 Reds, another Copper and a Salmon Grouper, then the bite died.

Here I am with some nice Vermillion rockcod.

Aaron with a few Reds.

Harry made a move to a spot known for it’s big Chocolate rockfish, and we were not disappointed, as all four of us came up with some the biggest Chocolate’s I ever seen, approaching five lbs. Whereas a 2 lb. Chocolate was big to me.

Aaron with a big fat Chocolate rockfish.

Myself with a few more hug Chocolate Rockfish.

Another move to a spot known for its Lingcod was made, and I was slammed hard before hitting bottom, pulling up a nice 5 lb. Lingcod. I dropped back down and caught its twin brother. Aaron hooked a big Ling, looked like about 10-12 lbs and 30”, but lost it when attempting to lift the fish into the boat. Unfortunately we did not bring along a gaff.

We scratched away at a few more Chocolate rockfish, a Sugar Bass, and another Salmon Grouper, only the second of the day. Harry called it at 3:45 pm. We ended the day with 28 dandy rockfish, of which 11 were Reds. Hat’s off to Harry for showing us a good time, and putting us on the fish. Best of all, I experienced no discomfort in my legs, although a little sore from the long day.

Harry, I had a blast, can’t wait until the next trip. A pleasure fishing with you Ed and Aaron. Thanks so much for the invite Harry, and fabulous hospitality. Ed’s jigs certainly worked, especially for Aaron, although he was prone to losing them. I didn’t try one, although Ed offered several times, as my Jax jig held it’s own, yet not one to shy away from something that I witnessed works well, I bought a dozen for future trips, too cool!

PS- I brought along my new Camera, but never used it, so all photos courtesy of Harry.

Hook up!

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Good To see your feeling better and back on the water.
Thanks for the report Cory
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Sucks you have to go into mex water to fish the cod but atleast you still have the option to go south for them.

Sorry to hear about the clot problems
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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