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Default Rpt Sun 12-08-08 SCI NOAA Forecast Fubar!

Fishing with Gary, on his un named fairly new 28’ Farallon , with friends Patti, Dave, and Ron. We launched out of Dana Point at 5:30 am Sun. morning. Our destination being San Clemente Island, on the East End, off Pyramid and China Point. Dave’s Farallon was in for service on his outdrive, and Gary offered to stand in for Dave’s planned trip Sunday.

Was NOAA ever wrong on this one, apparently having a bad hair day. We expected the showers forecast for the afternoon, yet the forecast for all day long was for less than 10 knot winds and only 2 foot seas. Dave checked the SCI wind at 3:30 am, four knots, so all was well in the beginning. At the launch ramp, it was a bit breezy, with quite a surge inside the harbor. At 12 miles out, the first appearance of white caps emerged, and the bump increased. We still ran at 18-20 knots, yet experienced a rougher ride than anticipated.

Arrived SCI shortly after 8am. It was now blowing 15+, with 4 foot seas, soon to increase to 20+ knots and occasional bigger swells. Since the wind was blowing up the Island, neither back or front side were better options. We remained in between Pyramid and China Point the whole day. It was a chilly, drizzly, gloomy morning, while the skies looked ready to rain on our parade, yet didn’t materialize until we were back on land.

At first we attempted to fish in 240’, however, the scope out was too much, even with 8-10 oz lures or weights. Caught nothing in those first few drifts, except one small Salmon Grouper and a Starry. Our lures went 200 feet down and 200 feet out. Moved into 180’ and began scratching out a bite. What made things even worse was Gary’s new Ray marine Fathomer was on the fritz, we told him buy a Furuno? Dave had plenty of numbers for starting our drifts, yet had no way to know if we were drifting over fish or hard bottom, except by past experience and utilizing a chart of the island’s contour. A number of lobster buoys served as markers, when we caught fish.

We caught somewhere between 35 and 40 fish, none of which qualified for a picture moment. No Reds were caught, most plentiful was the ever common Salmon Grouper (Bocaccio), and we did catch 10 Copper rockfish, some Starry’s, Green stripes, 3 Spots, Johnny Bass, and a half dozen decent sized whitefish. Considering the conditions, that wasn’t a bad day of fishing, we have all had worse, and in better weather.

Thanks Gary, was a pleasure to meet you and fish on your new ride. Have to be pleased with how that Farallon handles the crappy weather, especially sitting in the trough in those bigger swells. Nice meeting you too Patti, you were a great sport for this being your first rockfish trip, the next one will be much better. Always fun to fish with you Dave, and you too Ron. Let’s all do it again soon.

Hook up!


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