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Default Sea Horse 9-27-08

It was my friend’s son’s 10th birthday wish to do an overnight trip. How can you argue with that. Original plan was to jump on the Freedom outta 22nd St. Landing, but it was already booked for a private charter. Quick scramble and we were able to make our reservations for the Sea Horse outta Dana Warf Sportfishing. Left work Friday night and jumped on the 405 along with the million other commuters on the freeway too. An accident on the 405 just past the 110 was causing the delay. Once past that it was smooth cruising all the way to Dana Point. Got to the landing about 8pm got checked in with the landing office and got the overnight permit and I’m all set. Met up with my buddy Ben and his son Andre and and we were just waiting for the go ahead to board the boat. 9:40pm rolls around and we get the go ahead to board the boat.

Tonight’s crew would be Captin Todd running the boat. Captain Tyler was off tonight. Second Captain I believe was Chris, Butch was running the galley and Jordan and Mike as deckhands along with Vance as pinhead. Off to the bait receiver to pick up some awesome anchovies and sardines. During this time Todd gave us the usual safety speech and the game plan. Our game plan was to head to San Clemente and see if we could get some squid and maybe a shot at the yellowtail in the morning. If things didn’t pan out then we would make the run offshore and look for the tuna. The tuna were biting in the afternoon so it was going to be a gamble.

Saturday morning we are at Clemente and the first things to bite are some nice big boneheads. Nice way to get the day going. Calico’s start to bite also, but nothing never really went wide open. We think we might have hooked onto several yellowtail but we never got them close enough to the boat to see so we will never know. We pulled anchor and headed towards deeper water to make several rockfish drifts and it was a bit of a picky bite also. A few reds, chuckleheads, a couple of really nice size sheepshead’s, whitefish, and ling cod did come over the rail.

By 10am Captain Todd gave us the option of staying at the island but things were going pretty slow or take our chances and go offshore and look for tuna but that could be a bust too. We all opted to take our chances and go offshore and look for tuna. We spent the rest of the day with jigs in the water and looking for the tuna but we never found any. We did get a double jig strike after 6 hours of looking but it turned out to be two bonito. Captain Todd kept looking all the way back into port but we never found them and we finally pulled into port a little after 7pm.

Looking for the tuna was a gamble and unfortunately it didn’t pan out for us today. Crew worked hard looking for them and Todd didn’t give up at all. Oh well that’s fishing. Hopefully I’ll get them next time.


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the offshore fishing has been tough but you never know if you will get into a wide open bite.

I was offshore on Tuesday for nada so I would have voted to stick it out at the island.

Thanks for the report!
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well it sure looks like a good
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