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Default Rpt Sat 3-22-08 Local Bass'n

I met Lal at his house in Cerritos at 4:50 am, where it was a balmy 57 degrees. We launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 5:45 am, arriving at our destination shortly after 6:20 am.

The ride out was sweet, not as cold as our recent trips with temps in the high 40?s. There was no wind to go along with a small swell. Off in the distance we could see Catalina clearly. When the sun began to peak above the mountains, I couldn?t resist taking a picture of this tranquil setting to start the day off right.

As has been the case on recent trips, the morning bass fishing was extremely slow. Water temps were in the low 54?s, rising only to 56 by 2pm. Also the water seemed extremely dirty, a pea soup green, and lots of stuff in the water. The wind obviously doing its damage the last few weeks.

Our drifts were at best short and not sweet. In 20 minutes we might travel 100?, and the direction was up in the air, sometimes in, sometimes out, then maybe east or west? There was no current at all, and as such the fish were not interested in playing today.

Around 9am Paul joined us with his nephew on a smaller version of the Rubber Ducky.

We passed high tide at 10:30 am having caught 7 bass and a few assorted critters between us in the first 4 hours. Paul managed a bass or two. We made a move up the coast and picked up another 8 bass, now totaling 14 sand bass to 2 ? lbs. and 1 Calico bass of 1.5 lbs. A whitefish, sculpin, and Johnny bass joined the crowd.

With the latest bite also dying, we ran outside to say hello to Rich on his boat TaxFree, where they were rockcod fishing, having just released a legal Ling and large Cabezon, to go with a few keeper Chocolate and Copper rockfish.

Now Lal would generally enjoy a root canal, before rockcod fishing, but the screen showed some interesting bottom structure, and clouds of fish, so he dropped a Mega Bait lure down there. Lal was rewarded with an Octopus, hey what the heck, a good Lingcod bait. Dropped it back down and up comes a second Octopus hanging on to the first one. Love in full bloom!

Lal finally lost the Octopus on a rock, and then proceeded to catch a decent Chocolate Rockfish. I could only manage a small starry on my plastics, not having brought any lures with me. BTW Rich and company were having their best success on live dines, which they generously offered us some, but Lal said no thanks, were returning to the bass grounds!

As the afternoon approached the wind remained very calm, although the swells were definitely building. 3 hours after our last bass had been caught, that is no bass in the last three hours, we decided that we couldn?t stand having anymore fun and began our trek back to the dock, just before 2pm. The sailboats were out in force, and by the time we reached the harbor entrance the wind was a comfortable 10 knots, and much needed as the sun warmed everything up. A beautiful day to spend on the big pond.

No one got bitch slapped today, the big boys taking the day off again with most everyone else. No bass we caught qualified for a pic, so the camera was very inactive today.

Thanks again Lal for another relaxing day on the Rubber Ducky, I always look forward to our next trip out.

Hook up! Cory
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Yep sure was slow out there Saturday
Thanks for the report Cory
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Hmmm use octopus bait to catch octopus might have to try that lol

Looks like a fun day with good friends hanging out on the water

Thanks for the report!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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