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Default Rpt Wed. 04-07-10 Local Bass'n, Huge Cabazon!

Fishing Wed. 04-07-10 with Gabe Delbuono, on his 22’ Glacier Bay Cat CC. “Gabe’s Reel Time”, with his Son’s Michael and Ricky. We launched out of Davies’s Landing in Long Beach at 5:30am. Our destination was the Newport Pipe area. The seas were calm, with a bit of a Southeast swell, and it was a beautiful sunrise, while the skies were clear blue. I should have taken a picture, with such a serene beginning to our trip?

We cruised down to the Newport Pipe area at a comfortable 22 knots. We joined one other skiff already fishing the area. The seas were so calm, we barely moved on our first drift, covering a whopping 100’ in ten minutes. I set us up so we would drift south, with the swell, however, we drifted northwest, so I had to re-set so we could drift over the pipe, and some fish. It was a slow pick for several hours, working depths from 50’ to 75’. We managed to catch about a dozen Sand Bass and one Calico Bass before 9 am.

Gabe caught the big’n of the day with a 21” Cabazon, the biggest I have ever seen?

I caught a few smaller Sandies, and our only Calico Bass, a whole one pounder. Then I got ripped on a four inch Clear Red Flake, with a Green tail, not sure what they call that combo? Up comes a four plus pound Sand Bass.

At 10am the bite just totally died. We took a look at the Newport Reef area, but didn’t meter any areas with a concentration of fish. I suggested to Gabe that we make a Fish Taco run out to the Rigs. So off we went. We didn’t have any specific numbers, hoping the fish finder would find us some willing biters. Both of us had fished the area in prior years, however, neither of us had accumulated any GPS co-ordinates. So we used our intuition and sight co-ordinates from past experience. It just plain didn’t work.

Out in the area were the Sport Boat’s Enterprise, and the Six Pack Charter Boat, Spectra. How unreal, as Billy, the owner of the Spectra, had invited me to fish with him today. However, I had already agreed to fish with Gabe. Turns out Billy put his anglers on a great Bocaccio spot, catching limits from seven to Eleven Pounds, wow! We scratched up only a few small Rockfish in the area. At high noon, with winds only about five knots so far this morning, Mother Wind decided we had enough fun for the day. Within 30 seconds, the winds rose to over 20 knots. That’s all folks! Headed to the barn. Sure was nice to be on a Cat, as we were heading right into the swells, caused by the offshore winds, absolutely opposite of normal swells. Even though it was bumpy we managed to average almost 19 knots right into the snot, and not get beat up! It appeared the winds at times were exceeding thirty knots, until we closed to within one mile of the harbor, then they backed down to about 15 knots?

Gabe, thanks so much for the invite, been a while since we have shared a rail together, let’s do it again soon?

Hook up! Cory
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