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Default 39th Annual Wild Game Feed

Well worked The Feed for my 4th year as always had a great time.
At the Wild Game Feed we start letting ticket holders in at Noon.They can eat appetizers (BBQ'd Corn & Clams, Gumbo, Crawdads, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, Frog Legs, Calamari, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Rattle Snake, Gator, Boar Sauage, Mushrooms, Tamales, Ceviche, Quail, Game Hen, Salmon, WSB, Halibut, Pig, Venison & Antelope Tacos, Ostrich-Boar-Elk Chile) til about 4:00 PM then we serve dinner (Antelope, Wild Boar, Elk, Venison, Wambuy and fixin's). We have raffles from 12:00-4:00 PM
Oh yeah all the beer you can drink
We Sold 1200 Tickets This year

Here are some pics

The Line is starting to form

Raffle Prizes

Part of Irvine Lake

Misc. Pics

Almost Dinner Time

Dinner is Served

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