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Default Upload problems

With all the new high mega pixel cameras we are having more problems with people uploading photos to the site.

If you want to upload pictures to the site you must either set your camera to a lower pixel setting under 3mp or you will need to resize the pictures you wish to upload.

There is a very easy to use program that will make resizing pictures easy and fast.

You can do one picture at a time or a whole folder.

Click the link below and on the right collumn click on the image resizer.exe and download the file.

After you install the program click this link below that has a tutorial on how to resize pictures.
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Ellis Pickett
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I have attempted to upload photos today. Only a handful of photos uploaded even though I received the "upload successful" after every attempt.
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Try 2 or 3 At a time. That's what I had to do. If your still having a problem let me know and I'll get a message to Jason
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