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Default Rpt Wed. 02-11-09 Calicos on the chew!

Fishing Wed. 2-11-09 with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched a little later than usual in the bitter cold, 41 degrees, brrrrrrrrr, out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 6:25 am, our beginning destination being the Shoe, arriving shortly after 6:45 am. The seas were calm, almost grease, and the sunrise was spectacular.

In the harbor

Near the Shoe

We began throwing plastics in an area we found several weeks ago, yielding a nice selection of Calico Bass, on a very small stone. Water temps were in the 56 to 57 range, a surprise, considering the harbor water temp was down to 51.6, yikes that’s chilly! The fish were scattered on the meter, a good sign on the hard bottom. It was great fishing in the first hour, with both of us near limits, and 100% Calico Bass. We didn’t catch our first Sand Bass until we had released 20 Calico’s, very unusual?

Lal with a 3 lb. Calico Bass

Cory with the only Sand Bass so far, a dandy 3 lb’er.

Lal with the big’n of the day, a 3.25 LB Calico Bass

High tide was 10am, and it was definitely the switch, as slack tide brought all activity to a screeching halt. The morning bite was both the result of excellent current and a decent high tide of 5.7’. As soon as the current went slack, the bite ceased.

We did a little exploring on the shoe, finding a few more willing biters, then almost nothing, as we moved on to Izors reef around 11:30 am. On the way we crossed paths with the ¾ day boat out of Long Beach, the Victory. Cruised by and waved to Ron, who we figured would be aboard, and he waved back.

Izor’s reef was a dead zone, no current, with slack tide, as we almost did 360’s on our numerous drifts, with few biters. We scratched out some sandies and a couple more Calico Bass. The wind was all of 2 knots until early afternoon, rising to the forecasted 11-14. We ended the day a little after 2pm with 29 Calico Bass, and five Sandies.

Thanks Lal, another great day of bass’n on the Rubber Ducky! More storms a coming. We need the rain, but couldn’t it come during the week, instead of the weekend? Sure glad we found a great window between storms.

Hook up! Cory
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