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Default Rpt. Wed 03-17-10 A Gazillion Vermillion!

Fishing with Dave Robinson, on his 28’ Farallon “Hooked”, with friends Jim and Bob. We left Dave’s slip in Newport Harbor at 5:15 am Wednesday morning into clear skies, loaded with shiny stars, and grease calm seas. Our destination being San Clemente Island, as today we headed for the East End, backside of the Island. Leaving the harbor in complete darkness we cruised along at 12 knots, until the morning grey light began to appear. Shortly thereafter the skies reached a rich red glow, and the morning dawn was another spectacular sight to behold.

After a month or more of wind and rain, this was one pleasant way to start off the day’s fishing trip. We increased our speed to a comfortable 25 knots. We enjoyed the various wonders of the seas, as whales were breaching off in the distance, a school of porpoise attempted to stay on our course, riding the bow waves. A couple of Pilot whales breached off to the side, Another sip of hot coffee, Bob offering up some heated sweet rolls, fresh off the top of the engine, yum yum, oh yeah, life is good.

We rounded Pyramid Head at about 8am. The Sport Boat Freedom was fishing near the edge. Suddenly Channel 16 came alive, security, security was shouted out. “All crafts stay out of range by 30,000 yards, as live fire exercises are being conducted off of China Point.” We were quickly hailed, “Small craft entering Pyramid Cove, do you copy?” “Yes, we copy, please switch to channel 10. Small craft please be advised you are entering a live firing zone, reverse course immediately.” Our response was we were headed to Lost Point and would correct course to a heading which took us outside of the War Vessel #59, and then continue on to Lost Point. “OK, you have clearance to do so!” Cool!

Well this took us about eight miles out of our way, but at least we could fish the area where we knew the best fishing was possible. We started to fish in fairly deep water, just short of Lost Point. Our first drift was uneventful; however, I got hammered after a few minutes of jigging my 10 oz Jax Jig, with a Shrimp Fly teaser. Up comes an eight pound Vermillion Rockfish on the Teaser! A great way to start the day!

As no one else got bit, Dave made a move a little further west. Wow, this was the mother lode, as all four of us were bit almost instantly. Dave, Bob and Jim all came up with beautiful Vermillion Rockfish. I came up with a double, one Vermillion and one huge Bocaccio!

Jim with a big Red!

Bob with a big Red.

Dave with a big Red.

The drifts were long, as there was little wind and not much current. The quality of the Reds was unreal, almost every one over five pounds, and at least six to eight pounds. I caught more than my share of the big’ns!

Jim and I with huge Reds.

Dave found that his Lucanus lure could indeed catch a big Lingcod. Released of course.

I say this because the small hooks provided on the Lucanus lures are often not enough to land a Big Lingcod, as the violent head shakes by a Ling often dislodge the small hooks.

However, the Lucanus lure used by both Dave and Bob were killing machines, as the big Reds just loved them. Of course so did the Big Bocaccio and plenty of Starries and Santa Marias! I had great success with both the Jax jig combo and Ed’s Jig. Getting close to limits I switched over to a new knock off Lucanus Lure offered by Fisherman’s Access in Brea. These lure were on sale at the Fred Hall show at $5.99 a piece, or five in a plastic box for $24.99. My first two drops resulted in two nice Reds.

Another big Red I caught.

Dave going bendo again!

With full limits of Reds, Dave moved us into shallow water, where we broke out the light tackle, and made a number of different drifts, which resulted in quite the Smorgasbord of fish caught. Eight Calico Bass, four or five Whitefish, with more Reds, Coppers, Boccaccio, Starry’s, all released.

We called it a day at 3pm. As he almost always does, Captain Dave found us plenty of fish, and we ended up having a grand time. Heading home for Newport Beach Harbor, we cruised at a comfortable 25 knots, then we slowed down outside the harbor a few miles, while we cleaned fish and scrubbed the boat. The seas remained calm all the way back, docking at 6:30 pm. Wow, what an incredible day.

Thanks Dave, can’t wait to do it again.

Hook up!


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