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Default City of Redondo 8-30-08

Original plan was to go on the Spitfire. Called Redondo Sportfishing and made my reservations on Monday. Fellow FNN members Ositto and Victor101 along with his brother were going to join me also.

Arrived at Redondo about 5:15am and when I walked into the office they told me the Spitfire was charter. WTF???? It was accidentally chartered out at the last minute. That pissed off about 30 or so people that were going to ride the Spitfire. Landing's only response was sorry, but you can ride the 1/2 day boat instead. Quick call the Pierpoint and Long Beach 55, both the 3/4 day boat's leave at 6 also. Dam, not enough time to make it there. Did not want to ride the Pursuit outta 22nd. St. Landing and didn't want to go to L.A. Harbor.

Since it's been over a month since I've been fishing I really wanted to just get out there and catch something so we bought our ticket's for the 1/2 day trip. 6:30 rolls around and we board the boat with about 30-40 other anglers, and the four of us made a bee line towards the bow to avoid the tangles. With anchovies a frozen squid already loaded on the boat we headed straight towards Rocky Point. After getting geared up and helping a few other fellow anglers get their gear setup we arrived and we started fishing. Not much was happening at the bottom so I starting fishing the plastics for some calico's. A few calico's wanted to play but they were all short. A quick move and the bite got a bit better. Still a bunch of short calico's. After the 5th calico, I started hooking and handing off the calico's to other angler's that weren't getting bit and to some of the kids on the boat too. Probably hook and handed off about 1/2 dozen or so before we made our last move of the day. Last move was towards deeper water and we got a bite of a rockfish bite. Landed about another 1/2 dozen assorted rockfish and we finally called it a day.

Not the best trip, but at least I got out and got to pull on a couple of fish. First time Redondo Sportfishing has let me down like that. No pics...wasn't in the picture taking mood.

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That sugz man...With as piss-poor as it's been this season and the costs involved, it's pretty stupid of a landing to tick off it's client base like this. Bet you'll be calling Pier Point or LB next time.
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