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Default Rpt. Wed. 2-25-09 Big Grumpy's Go Off!

The Big grumpys were really on the chew today, starting with this 7 lb. Sand Bass that I caught in the early afternoon, at the Horseshoe Kelp area, the biggest Sand Bass I have caught in the last three to four years.

Lal and I caught sand bass weighing 7, 6, 5 ¾, 5 ¼ and 4 ½ lbs to go with many in the 2 to 3 lb. range.

Fishing Wed. 2-25-09 with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 5:45 am, our beginning destination being the Horseshoe Kelp area, arriving shortly after 6:20 am. The seas were bumpy, equal to the 3’ swell forecasted, with at least 8 knots of wind. The skies were very overcast, and in the distance, near Dana Point, the clouds looked ominous, blackish, with rain looking eminent. This did not look like a good day to be on the water?

The morning bite was beyond being slow, as I caught a small Calico Bass and a small sand bass to go with a sculpin and a Copper Rockfish in three hours. Lal caught a Sugar Bass, a baby Starry, and a couple of Sculpin in the same time period. A very disappointing start to the day. A move to a more productive area was warranted.

We continued on to Izors reef, to try our luck, which presented some excellent structure and plenty of fish on the meter. This is only a small sample of what we metered today, the area was alive with bait and fish.

A quick flurry produced a few more sand bass. Lal caught these Sand Bass weighing 2 ¾, and 3 lbs.


We both caught a few smaller sand bass, a few more rockfish, and another small Calico bass. The wind had backed off, now only about 3 knots, the sun came out, and the jackets soon followed. The skies had cleared, and who knew how ugly it looked to begin the day, because right now it was beautiful?

We had metered an incredible amount of bait at the Horeseshoe, and the birds and Porpoise had put on quite a show in the morning hours. As the bite at Izors slowed down, we decided to head back up to the Horseshoe, and see if conditions had changed. Wow, did it go off.

A few more looks at my 7 lb. Sand Bass.

I also caught this 6 lb. sand bass.

And this 5 ¼ lb. and 4 ½ lb. Sand bass.

Lal got in on the big fish action as we both hooked big Sandies at the same time. Lal with a 5 ¾ lb. Sandy and my 5 ¼ lb. bass.

Myself holding up the same combo.

Between 1pm and 2:30 pm the sand bass were on a serious chew, as we ended up with 41 bass total, of which only three were Calico bass, quite a change from our last trip which produced a majority of Calico bass. Every day is different, when fishing these local areas.

We ended the day around 3pm, as the wind and chop began to build. When we entered the harbor, the sailboats were out in force, and the wind was now at least 15 knots. Per the forecast, which we listened to most of the day, small craft warnings were being issued by the coast guard north of Point Fermin. Supposed to blow 25-30 knots, with swells building to 8’. It was definitely time to get out of Dodge?

All fish were released to fight another day. Some outstanding breeders released to make more babies for the future.

Thanks Lal, I was thrilled to catch some of the biggest sand bass in years. What a day to remember. You sure know where to find them, and put us on the bite. Wish we had been in a bass tournament today, what a chance we had to win it all, with a five fish total exceeding 28 lbs., wow!

Hook up! Cory
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