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Default Rpt Sat. 11-17-07 More Bass'n

Fishing Sat., with Lal, on his 18? boat "Rubber Ducky", we launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, at 4:30 am, while buddy boating with Kurt and Dan on their boat ?Trailer Trash?. The seas were calm, with just a gentile swell, and there was no sign of the forecasted fog, as we made our way out to Izor?s Reef at a moderate speed.

Lal selected an area on the reef that yielded some healthy size bass a week ago. The meter lit up like a Christmas tree, with lots of good structure to go along with large balls of bait schools, most likely mackerel. We worked this area for 2 ? hours for two Sand Bass and a couple of sculpin, while Kurt and Dan had similar slow results. With so many marks on the meter we felt they just had to go off sooner or later? At 8am with the water at slack tide, we decided to move to the Palos Verde area. The ride over was very pleasant, and took less than a half hour.

Stopped in a favorite location with a few fish on the meter, and on my first cast I am bit on the way down by a 1.5 lb. sandy. Lal is bit on both his rods, and my second rod goes off and we have a triple going. Just after the triple of bass were landed, Lal hailed Kurt and said get over here, its wide open. We followed the tiple up with several doubles. It?s a little after 9am and we put 17 bass on the boat in about 20 minutes.

By the time Kurt and Dan arrived the bite had slowed way down, but we were still picking away at them. By 10 am we had 33 assorted bass on the boat. Lal and I both are very competitive, and It?s not often I catch more bass than Lal, but I had what I thought was a comfortable four fish lead on him. That didn?t last long, as he caught me at 19 each. Number 20 took me a little over an hour to catch, by this time the bite had all but stalled out. Some pic?s!

Lal with this quality 3 lb. Calico Bass.

Another look.

The Calico bass so far were mostly in the 1.5 to 2 lb. range, and few and far between, until this bigger 2.5 lb. Calico jumped all over my plastic lure.

Another look.

The sand bass were plentiful; however, most were in the 1 to 2 lb. range with an occasional bigger guy. Here I am with this 3.5 Lb. Sand Bass.

Lal also caught a 3.5 LB. sandy, but released it before I could snap a pic. So we tied for jackpot fish. The sun had finally come out, and you could still see the full outline of Catalina in the background. It was simply a beautiful day on the water, with little to no wind.

High tide was just after 4pm and we weren?t willing to wait them out with no fish caught in the last 45 minutes. While only catching a few fish after they shutdown mid morning, we worked our way home, stopping at the wall for three more sand bass, and called it a day at 1:30 pm. The beers were cold, the sun was shining, the fish bit, and life is good!

We finished the day with 42 total bass, 8 Calico Bass to 3 lbs and 34 Sandies to 3.5 lbs. and 10 assorted sculpin, Johnny Bass, Sheephead, and other rockfish!

All Calico Bass and most Sand Bass were released to fight another day, kept a few Sandie?s for fish tacos.

Thanks Lal for the invite, another great day on the Rubber Ducky, can?t wait until we do it again.

Hook up! Cory
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Nice going fellas! You guys always seem to get em.
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The bass bite has been good lately

Thanks for the report!!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Good going you two!
Nice day of fishing
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