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Default 200 sq miles of calif closed to fishing

I guess this is a "I TOLD YOU SO" issue now. As most people in the state of CA have heard we now will loose 200 sq miles more of our fishing grounds. Next on the list is prime So Cal locations. As you ask yourself why is this happening, think back a couple years to when I first started waving the red flag, trying to get more anglers to start fighting. This all started with the RLFF funding the MLPA / MPA issues with the $1,000,000.00 donation with "no strings attached". I knew this would happen and was told by 90% of online members from 4 boards that they "want to read about fishing not politics". Look at how few members ever view what I post, this just goes to show that 99% of the anglers who read the messages on these boards or come to view this site among others I post articles in, DON'T CARE.

Now I'm hearing from so many anglers whining about the latest closures, saying this isn't fair. Well how about a big helping of shut the *&#@ up! YOU are the problem, where were you when I was trying to rally the troops? You are the type who BMW's after things get real bad but wont get off your ass to help prior to the shit hitting the fan. The battle for the central coast is lost for the most part, except for the lawsuits to be filed on your behalf, now are you still going to sit there crying like a baby or are you going to help? You want to know how, pick up a pen and write a letter, make a phone call, attend a local meeting. Don't bother with form e-mails as they are deleted as junk by most servers they (dfg and others) use. Find out who's filing suit on your behalf & send them some money to help cover legal costs. Here's a novel idea, start paying attention and get involved before it's too late.

Now I wont bash those of you who sat on the sidelines all this time saying "I just want to fish" or "I'll just go to mexico or somewhere else". For you are a waste of my time since no matter what you'll only sit on the sideline. To those of you who are new to this process, are just learning or are just hearing about all of this, I'll give you a couple groups who are at the forefront in this fight. They need your support via membership and money to cover legal costs. Don't be a rail wart. We have enough of those that let things get to the point there at.

Here's some of the groups fighting for us.
recreational fishing alliance ,
coastside fishing club ,
california fisheries coalition ,
United Anglers of Southern California .
This is not all the groups involved, but they are major players that depend on anglers like you and me for support.

It's up to you to spread the word. Start reading my posts, get your family, friends & neighbors to read them. The DFG looks into what I'm posting as I've been trying to create a working relationship with them for our benefit, so the more readers I get, equates to more concerned anglers for them to worry about. Now let's get OUR point across to those in charge. I hope that you'll act now that we lost the latest battle and still have a chance to win the fight for southern calif. I'm still fighting for YOU even though 99% of anglers seem to not care so now it's your turn to help me. Just get off your ass and do something to join or support the fight.
Stay informed on the fishing/political scene that's affecting you.

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Truer words cannot have been spoken.

As I've said in the past on my long winded rants, it is an urgent issue to pay attention to what the greenies are doing. They have unlimited funds and want nothing more than to fence us into to our cities.

I know most of you have read my post in regards to the issues my miner friends were going through. It's the same thing, fortunately they won (for now) but it was a vicious and costly battle. And as I've said before, mining is a federally recognized right-fishing is a privilege which makes these situations that much more dangerous for us fishermen and that much more easy for the enviro-whakos to shut us down.

Financially I couldn?t do as much as I wanted too with the mining issue so I also did my best to spread the word and get people talking about it and hopefully did some good in helping them get justice. There are a lot of things we can do that does not involve spending money should that be an issue. Just get involved, all its going to cost you is some time. And heck, if you have time to fish you surly have time to write a letter or maybe even attend a meeting or court date. If you don?t have the time a few bucks will go a long way and trust me, you'll feel great afterwards!!!! If not? You'll have a lot of time to reminisce about the "good ol days" when you used to be able TO fish.

Look at it this way, you are not giving money or time to any one but your self...Because ultimately it is you that it will affect for better or for worse.

Thanks Mark for all you do for us.
'Nana says "spike the box!"

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