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Default Rpt-06-09-07 King Salmon Alaskan Style

Short Version

I went fishing in Ketchikan, on a deluxe 31? Cruiser, with a 12? beam, called the Misty Bell with 4 other anglers, 2 couples from Kentucky & Dallas Texas, neither of which had fished before. We all agreed the women would be first up on a hookup. We were each assigned a rod to watch, all connected to a downrigger, except the center one which used an 8 oz sinker. Herring (frozen) was used for bait, both whole, about the size of a sardine, and cut pieces. The salmon wanted the whole Herring. Salmon like to kill bait with its tail, and then eat it as it drifts to the bottom. The bites were very subtle, so you had to be ever alert, and quickly wind down on the fish to set the hook, which is often spit out.

I was amazed at how close we fished to shore, but the depth dropped quickly to several hundred feet just 100 yards off shore. Here we are trolling for King Salmon at 2-3 knots.

First hookup was a Quillback Rockfish.

We then caught 3 of what is called a (shaker), a short salmon, under 28?.

This Shaker was bleeding badly, unfortunately ending up as a Bald Eagle lunch or dinner.

A Bald Eagle approaching his meal. They were very numerous along the coast of Alaska.

Everyone had hooked and landed a fish, although none were kept, except me, as my rod never got a taste of a bite. So I was up next, no matter which pole was bit. When the port down rigger went off, I was on it like flies on honey. Wound down tight, set the hook, and 100 yards of line went screaming off the reel. He then charged right back to the boat, as I winded as fast as I could to regain some tension. Another 100 yard run, and back charging the boat. I cinched down the drag a bit, as it was set very light, while it took another short run this time. Just as the skipper had cleared all lines, I yelled for a gaff ( net), as a very healthy looking King Salmon appeared from the depths. The Captain was surprised at the speed at which I brought the fish to the boat, and mentioned how soft certain parts of the mouths are, necessitating a light drag. Fortunately I hooked the fish in the gills, that hook wasn?t coming out.

Cory with an 18 lb. King Salmon, caught in Ketchikan, Alaska

Captain Clayton & Cory

Oh yeah and I ended the trip winning the Texas Holdem tournament, $1134!

Hook up!

Long version including more of our Alaskan adventure and 60 pic's!

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Wow Cory, what a great trip! You've out done your self, as always great report and super pictures...
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