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Default Catalina WSB/Croaker? 5/7-5/8

Met up with Frank(cardude) and Dean(Bank Robber) at the dock and we left the dock at 5pm.

We ran straight to the eastend to give it a try for the evening/sundown bite.

Around the backside the wind was blowing 12-15kts and was a little choppy.

We fished till past dark and caught only junk fish with Dean catching JP junkfish with a 30lb batray. The batray took him around the boat 3 times and we were never possitive it was a ray till it came up by the boat.

I have to say that Dean is the king of junkfish.LOL

After dark we picked up a nice sccop of squid from the De De Marie and moved tot he middle of the island.By now the wind was blowing 20+kts by the V's but once we got out toward China the wind was not bad at all.

We fished all night and had a xint bite on the calico's with the biggest at about 5lbs.

We fished all night and all day Tuesday but we did not get any bites from the right kind and no boats around us caught anything either.

Around 11am we did some drifts at Farnsworth for a nice pick of rockfish. We did 3 drifts and caught about a dozen fish then ran back to the spot for more calico's and variuos other fish.

About 1pm we headed toward the westend and fished in severel coves along the way but no wsb.

The last stop before heading home was west cove and we finally found what we were looking for!! The target species........

Here is Frank holding up a 12-15......incher LOL

And here is Frank with a Croaker...yellowfin

Left the island at 3pm with almost flat calm conditions all the way back to the dock.

Its nice to have a frind that has a chinese restraut to cook up my fish once in a while.Here is a pic of the Vermillion

Here is a pic of the 2 sheephead in a ginger,onion,and black bean sauce Yummy!

This was a fun trip and we caught alot of various fish including...wsb,yf croaker,flounder,vermillion,salmon grouper,starry,horn shark x2,bat ray,sand shark,spanish mackrel,blue perch,calico's,bonita,sand dab,and sheephead

It was nice to meet you Dean and thanks Frank for another fun trip!

Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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WTG you all!
Glad you guys had a great time catching a nice mix of fish.
Damn that cooked fish looks yummy
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MOF Dive Team
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Nice report, that cooked fish does look great! Whatever the size, WSB are just beautiful!!!! Time for another one.
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Nice mixed bag bro.
Surg. A.K.A. CanyonDiver
25' Monterey.
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yum yum yum!! wtg!


ps> can i follow you guys out one day? i need to learn from the boat is open for some fun!
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