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Default Butterfly Sept 20 and 21

Long version
Left Tuesday noon with friends Jeff and Matt (official) Picked up 2 scoops of dines from Sam at LA Harbor bait. Somewhere between the rigs and the 14 we topped off the tank with mini macs.
Worked our way over to the 277 the 209 and the 181 for nada. The weather had picked up and the swells were making it pretty uncomfortable.
We comtemplated making a run to Cat or SCI...When we turned to that heading it was really nasty so we decided to keep on to the "fly" although I new we might have a nasty ride back.
When it got dark I headed the boat towards the butterfly. With the AP on and only running at 6-7 we arrived at around 3:30 am.
We all woke up around 6:00 to the sound of a reel loosing all it's line. By the time we got to it whatever it was sawed the line through...time for breakfast well not quite... I cooked up some scrambled eggs w cheese, bacon and sausage.
At gray we set the trolling lines and headed south. after a few miles the water temp had dropped from 68 to 67.5...not good, so I headed eastwe found several paddys all dry...water temp was starting to increase though.
At the mexican line I headed the boat north and it wasn't long before we hit the "magic" paddy..loaded with willing Yt's and 1 nice dodo. We continued working north in a zig zag fashion stopping on numerous paddys...most dry but some were holding willing fish.
On one paddy Matt hooks into something really big and for about 10 minutes we had some fun with an estimated 125# Marlin that ate a flylined mac on 20#. It jumped at least 15 - 20 times and gave us quite a show...
The best stops were on the NE side of the 'fly where the water temps had risen to 69.5. We worked our way to the 43 where we caught our last fish of the day, a nice yft or it might have been a bft on the troll.(our only troll fish) All the fish were caught on live bait or jigs.
Total count was 14 yt to 15#.....5 dorado to 16# (lost one at the gaff est over25#) and 1 bft.
We started back around 3pm in flat seas. Did the picture thing...Matt has the pics. Hopefully he will post some..3 hours to clean the fish and the boat. Ride back in was great with no weather we were back at Cabrillo ramp around 10:00pm. Total miles for the trip 260.
Great fishing with a couple of great fishermen
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Nice going, grats on the meat!
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Its nice when a long run pays off'

Thanks for the report!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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thats a long run...wtg on the nice catch
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