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Default Rpt. Sun. 03-14-10 Local Bass'n!

Fishing Sunday 03-14-10 with Lal, on his private boat: “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach and cleared the harbor at 5:45am. The seas were a little lumpy, with the wind blowing around six to eight knots. Our destination was the Pipe in Newport and other structure spots some fourteen miles south.

We reached the pipe at 6:30 am. Conditions were a bit mixed with a swell out of two different directions, with the wind out of the southwest. If you didn’t like the direction of your drift just wait five minutes, it would change. None the less, we were both bit on our first casts, each coming up with just legal sized Sand Bass. For the first 20 minutes it was non stop action, with plenty of short bites mixed in. Most of the fish were Sand Bass less than two pounds, with a couple one pound Calico Bass thrown in for spice.

In a short move, to a bit deeper water, Lal’s Donkey Cong Plastic (a seven inch Big Hammer Clear Red Flake) got hammered, just as he hit bottom. A couple of good head shakes, and up comes the first, and unfortunately, the only picture worthy Sand Bass of the day, a four pounder.

We both caught some three pound Sandies, and maybe a couple of two pound Calico Bass out of our forty fish total, all released to fight another day. Consequently not feeling any picture worthy, hoping for bigger specimens.

At about 10am, with the bite screeching to a halt after reaching high tide, Mother Wind was getting perky, and Lal thought moving on to Izor’s Reef, closer to the harbor, a strategic move, in case the weather deteriorated further, as expected. Arriving at Izor’s a half hour later, surprisingly a better ride back uphill than going down in the morning. The Reef had about half a dozen private boaters hard at work, as well as the ½ day boat Matt Walsh, anchored up on the deeper end off the reef. Lal selected an area somewhat away from the maddening crowd, which held some nice pinnacles. Slow, slow, slow, one Sand Bass in over an hour. Also setting up to drift was the impossible dream, as every which way was the trend for the day. Such that we were constantly missing the pinnacles on most drifts. Conditions, conditions, they are so important. After the 9:15 am high tide, we only caught six bass the rest of the day.

We moved in shore to a spot that occasionally holds Bass in about forty feet of water. The wind was ever increasing, now approaching 15 knots, with lots of white caps. A half dozen drifts over this area produced four small Sand Bass and one baby Calico Bass. Time to head for Dodge; at least it was only four miles away? The ride was somewhat harsh, however, nothing the Ducky hasn’t handle many times before.

Interesting tidbit, as tipping the plastic with a small strip of squid wasn’t productive today; the Uni Butter and Calico Sauce seemed to work better. I caught 90% of my bass without squid, while Lal rarely ever uses squid, and didn’t use any today. As per usual over 80% of the Bass were caught on the four inch Clear Red Flake plastic, and a 1 ounce Red Lead Head.

Thanks Lal, another successful bass trip together.

Hook up!


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