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Default Sunday and Monday 12/12-12/13 SMB Fishing And Diving Flat Calm And Sunny

Sunday Afternoon: Went out with MikeLB,Matt,and daugther Leah to flat calm conditions and warm sunny day.

It was just one of those days that you just want to be on the water and everything else is just a bonus.

We went outside to do a little rockfishing and it was a slow pick but we got a few fish to make a great meal.

Here is MikeLB sleeping on the job

We fished for 2hrs while we waited for the sun to set to lobster dive after dark.

There was so much life out there with dolphins,whales,seals,etc....

The view was so clear I could see Catalina,SBI and Anacapa islands

Just watching the sunset

After dark we put the fishing poles in the rack and broke out the dive gear.

The water was super clear which made it a enjoyable dive.

We did 2 dives each on a few different reefs to get our limits of lobsters plus a dozen scallops and a dozen rock crab.

Monday: Just me and Frank went out at 2pm for a couple of hours of fishing in flat calm conditions.

On sunday we saw some schools of Bonita so I told Frank to drag a lure thru the harbor and sure enough we pass a school and Frank gets hooked up on a nice 3lb Bonita.

We continued outside the harbor and there was next to no drift so I was able to keep the boat over some small reefs at about 150ft to get a nice assortment of local rockfish.

We caught sheephead,whitefish,starries,and verillion rockfish.

I jumped in for a quick dive to get my limit of lobsters and back to the dock by 5pm

Back at the dock I am talking to Julian and he is on his way down to meet up with Ken to go lobster diving so since it was sooo calm on the water I decide to tag along and go for a ride on Kens boat.

They did one quick dive at PV with Julian getting his limit and Ken with 4.

Sorry no pics for Monday forgot camera :(
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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