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Default LTD Sea Hornet for Sale

This is an AB Biller Limited Edition Teak Sea Hornet - 60" shaft with reel and a hunting tip. Not for the guys shooting halibut or sheephead. It's the largest gun that AB Biller makes. This is a true hunting gun made for big game - yellowtail, seabass, tuna, etc.

Here is a photo of the actual gun for sale.

From a website that sells the LTD Sea Hornet:

The LTD is handcrafted from selected Teak, Padauk or Mahogany woods with the trigger mechanism and safety fitted directly into the gun barrel. It is extremely difficult to obtain large quantities of truly straight barrels in these precious woods and therefore makes this Sea Hornet the limited edition it is named for.

The LTD is a fine example of AB Biller craftsmanship and quality.

Here is the MSRP according to

LTD Teak Sea Hornet $528.30
Reel $71.10
Line $50.00
Hunting Tip $20.00 (est)

Brand new, this setup would cost almost $670 + tax. This gun is used, but has been completely restored and is beautiful.

Asking $350.

If you know someone who may be interested, please let them know of this great opportunity. (Sorry, can't ship this weapon)

e-mail: [email protected]

or call 866-898-4991 and say "Find him" when my electronic assistant answers. Thanks.


Edit: I am in the So Cal area.
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