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Default Spearfishing WSB-Sheephead-rockcod 5/10

Decided last minute to make a quick run and luckly MikeLB was off today so off we go.

We both hit the kelp from 10-35ft with bad vis from 5-8ft with spots of 10ft near the bottom.

I did not have any luck seeing any wsb but speared a couple of Sheephead.Mike said he saw one and rested on the boat for a while then went back in for another try.

About a hour and 20 minutes later Mike comes back with a wsb! Congrats to Mike on his first speared wsb!!

I decided to do a tank dive for some rockcod and jumped in to a deep spot(depth?) I found what I was looking for and speared 5 nice rockfish

Here is the catch for the day of spearfishing.

It was a nice day on the water but it sucks that Catalina is on fire.

Again congrats Mike on your WSB!!

Dive Deep and Fish Hard!


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