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Default Rpt Wed 01-28-09 Winter Bass'n.

Fishing Sat. 1-28-09 with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 5:45 am, our beginning destination being the Palos Verdes coastal shores, arriving shortly after 6:20 am. The seas were calm, almost grease, and the sunrise was very serene.

Offshore, Catalina was clearly visible, and it looked so close, that if we headed that way, it appeared we could reach the Island in only 10-15 minutes. We began throwing plastics in about sixty feet of very clean water, with temps in the 56 to 57 range. The fish lit up the meter, rising above the hard structure displayed on the screen. Unfortunately they did not go on the chew. Lal managed a medium size and a few small sand bass, and a calico bass of similar size. I also caught a 13’ Sandy and about the same size Calico bass. A few baby rockfish and a decent size sculpin were added to our catch.

After a few hours, the bite in PV just wasn’t looking promising, so we headed over to the Horseshoe. Stopped on some excellent marks, and caught a few small sand bass, then nothing for awhile. Made several moves to more structure and good meter marks, yet the fish just had lockjaw.

We continued on to Izors reef. On the way we crossed paths with the ¾ day boat out of Long Beach, the Victory. Cruised by and waved to Ron, who we figured would be aboard, and he waved back.

Izor’s reef also presented some excellent structure, with plenty of fish on the meter. A quick flurry produced three more sand bass. Lal caught this Sand Bass weighing close to 3 lbs.

It was a slow, slow day for Lal and I, as we scratched a few more bass here and there. On our second to last drift I managed to catch the big’n of the day, this 4lb. Sandy.

We ended the day around 2pm with 25 assorted bass, most of them sand bass, and a half dozen scuplin and rockfish. All fish were released to fight another day. The weather remained spectacular, with a only a slight breeze arising as we headed home.

Thanks Lal, I was thrilled to fish again on the Rubber Ducky. I’m sure the bass’n will continue to improve as spring approaches.

Hook up! Cory
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