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yellowishcorn 11-16-2006 10:40 AM

I hate it when you have everything you need and you still get skunked. Went out last night to go hooping but didnt have any bait, so we decided to get a bucket of chum and hit some mackeral, we went about a mile outside the LB breakwall, In my lil 14' whaler ( its really 13', but the dockmaster charges me for 14'), we must of trolled aroud for over an hour and not even a bite :confused:. We even tried over by the bait barge, nothing. Were did all the fish go. Was there some kinda huge underwater fish convention somewhere :fish2: :fish2: ? So needless to say no hoopin. I guess we should of brought some cat food, we were just certain that we would score some macks though. Theres always next time. No matter what I was out on the water and thats where Im the happiest. JP

Fishnit 11-16-2006 11:59 AM

That blows bro.
Macks are usually a give-me
Always better than sitting at home

scubapro5 11-16-2006 02:58 PM

Next time when the macs bite wide open catch a bunch for the freezer for time like this.

I never go out hoop'n without bait on board.

Macs are just like any other fish and sometimes do not bite

Natedogg 11-17-2006 11:57 AM

If Nacho was an entrepreneur he would have a case of cat food for sale at $2.50 a can. It never fails.

southbound 01-30-2007 01:19 AM

$2.50 is awful cheap though!:stupid:

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