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Default Rpt. Sat. 03-06-10 Fool's Bass'n!

Fishing Sat. 3-06-10, with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Huntington Harbor at 5:30 am, our beginning destination being the Pipe, in Newport Beach. There was a bit of a breeze, a small ripple in the waves, yet the seas were calm, with virtually no swell, the wind was blowing out of the southwest, at around 4 knots, while the skies were filled with scattered clouds, and you could see forever, as Catalina looked close enough to touch?

Other than one boat at the docks, whom were heading to the wall, we never saw another boat on the water, except the Freelance, cruising by us at 7am. I’m sure many thought we were fools, being on the water, in an open small rubber boat, with an ominous weather forecast on the horizon? Yep we are, needing our fishing fix, having been weather worn the last two weekends. We both had serious thoughts of fishing the Coronado Islands for the recent Yellowtail bite, yet Mother weather presented an obstacle with forecasts of 4 foot seas at 11 seconds to go with 6 to 8 knot winds early, turning to 14 to 19 knots by noon. I guess our urge to be total fishing fools, only goes so far, as our old fart instincts kick in. We just couldn’t take the chance? Sure did want to pull on a tail bad though!

Arriving in the grey light at Newport Reef, our first drift resulted in two quick hook ups of petite Sand Bass, just legal and under one pound in weight. The drift was fierce, as within minutes we covered several hundred yards, even though the wind was very calm? We re-set and with similar results, instant hookups, however, Lal’s was putting up quite a fight, with lots of head thumping, and a serious bend in the rod. Up comes a solid four pound Sand Bass.

A third drift allowed me to find that bigger Sandy lurking in the depths, a little over 3.5 pounds.

Then a 3+ pound Sand Bass.

We continued to work the reef for a slow pick for a couple of Calico Bass and more Sand Bass for the next hour. The wind was creeping up in volume, and so was the speed of the drift. Covering a hundred yards, in only a few minutes. Lal moved us over to the pipe. It was instant hookup for both of us. These fish were of decent size.

Lal with another nice Sand Bass.

Another three pounder.

It began to sprinkle on us, and with the rain, came more wind, and lots of Popcorn. Off in the distance the blacker clouds were closing in. Time to move closer to home. We made a run towards Izor’s reef, but stopped on one small rock for one decent sized Sandy.

The current was now ripping with the wind, getting to the bottom, even with 2 oz lead heads, became a problem. Long Beach appeared to be under siege with rainfall, as we pondered our plight, yep, time to get out of Dodge. It was only 9am, yet we had a decent day of Bass’n, a bit over thirty bass caught, all released to fight another day. Our fishing fix satisfied for at least this weekend?

Made the dock, and on the trailer, just as the downpour fell. Timing is everything!

Thanks Lal, another fun adventure on the Ducky!

Hook up! Cory
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