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Default Lobster and Squid Jan.2 2008

Decided last minute to go diving and John Hughs along with his buddy from up north and MiguelT were aboard

I did my dive first and went to one of my deep spots where I scored limits with the 2 biggest at 4lb and 6lbs.

I was always lucky enough to get a nice 7lb Cabazon to swim into my game bag that will be part of this Saturdays dinner

After my dive I dropped the other 3 guys off in 3 different spots in Pv and each came back with there limit.

The wind and swells were flat calm and it was nice on the water.

On the way in I ran into a friend that was squiding and he had alot of squid so he passed seom squid over and I gave my buddy some lobster so we were both happy
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Way to go Roger, thats sounds like a nice size cabby you got.
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Nice going you guys!
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Shit! How did I miss a report of limits on rogers boat!

Thats right, I was sicker than hell for a looooog time. Man what they say is right "if you don't have your health you do have anything" (Especially lobster)
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