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Default Redondo/Hermosa Lobster/crab dive 10/20

There was me and Yutaka diving with Mikey(Rustyhook) came along to hang out with us.

The predictions were not good but they are "usually"wrong well last night they were right on

Yutaka did his first dive at Hermosa reef.The wind was about 8-10kts so not bad but as soon as he hit the water and went under it started blowing 15-20kts.

When he finished his dive the boat was gettting blown at 1.5-2mph so it made it hard for him to get back on but he manage with little problems.

Yutaka scratched out 2 bugs with nice 15ft vis.

With the wind blowing we decided he should do a quick 2nd dive on the breakwall and end the dive inside the breakwall so it will be nice and calm to get back on the boat and it went as planned but he managed only 1 more lobster.

I was still trying to decide if I should dive with all this wind but the wqind calmed down so I did one dive on one of my deeper spots with very nice vis and no current but the bugs were not there and I managed 2 lobster and 2 crab.When I surfaced the wind was blowing again but was now a real problem getting on the boat.

We did not do good on the bugs but it was still nice to hang out with friends.
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Nice to hear you guys got out Roger.
Conditions are gonna be a bit windy for a couple days
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