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Default Fort Bragg

Got a last minute invite to head to Fort Bragg for what was supposed to be the only place on the coast to get out, followed by a great Salmon snap.

We did the 4 hour tow and got on just in time, almost no water left at the ramp due to a minus tide.

We got to the numbers and were getting hammered by the hawk. We stuck it out for some time but got beat back.

Picked up our crab pots for two keepers after a only couple hour soak. Not accepting defeat we turned it around and ran back out for two, a miss and scratch.

Sunday we swam for our limits of Abalonie!!

Last weekend I took the Dani Jo to Berkley flats for one short halibut and one 12 pounder!!

Beats the hell out of sitting on the couch!!
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Congrats on the Abalone and halibut

I am sure you will get the Salmon soon

Thanks for the report!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Cool Abalone and a butt to boot.
Salmon is always good. Hopefully next time.
Thanks for the report!
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