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Default Cabo Fish Report Nov. 12-17, 2013

Captain George Landrum
[email protected]

Cabo Fish Report

Nov. 12 - 17, 2013

WEATHER: The humidity we experienced at the tail end of last week decided to stay with us a while longer. We did have a couple of good days in the middle of the week when it dropped a few points, and that coincided with a 10 degree drop in the temperature, it quickly returned as it warmed back up. At the start and the end of this week our highs during the day was in the high 80's and the cool nights were still at 77 degrees. During the middle of the week we had two days where it was in the low 80's during the day and dropped to 68 degrees at night. On Saturday we had clouds move in from the southwest and they trapped the heat and humidity, and stayed around on Sunday. These clouds brought us a bit of wind on Saturday as well.

WATER: There were some bigger swells on the Pacific side this week, sometimes getting to 7 feet, but most of the week staying in the 3-5 feet class, plus there was little wind on top so almost no chop. On the Cortez side of the cape the swells remained small with the average at 3 feet and an occasional 5 foot swells, with little wind. Water temperatures on the Cortez side of the Cape stayed around 81 degrees and this warm water continued around the Cape into the Pacific side, across the San Jaime Bank. Everything to the north of the San Jaime showed a few degrees cooler, but the water was blue.

BAIT: Cabillito, a few Mackerel and a mix of other baits could be had for $3 each.


BILLFISH: If you have never caught a Marlin before and want a chance to get at least one (almost a guarantee) then you needed to be here this past week. From just off the beach to 3 miles offshore, from the lighthouse to Todo Santos and on the Golden Gate Bank the Striped Marlin have been feeding heavily on schools of Mackerel and Sardinas. Spotting feeding Frigate birds was the primary method used, once spotted feeding, the boats raced to the spot and threw out live bait, hoping to hook-up while the bait ball was on the surface. It did become a zoo after a while as boats raced to one spot to throw bait. Many boats opted for a more tranquil style of Marlin fishing and just drifted the area with rigged baits dropped down to 100 feet. Both methods worked very well, but running to the feeding fish was more exciting. My guess is that any boat that wanted to catch a Marlin this week was able to do so, and many boats caught two, three or four Marlin per trip.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We are still seeing mostly football size Yellowfin Tuna, and our fingers remain crossed that the big ones (or at least bigger ones) will show up soon. A few boats continue to soak bait on the high spots at the Gordo Banks, but risk having their live baits eaten by the seals in the area. Many boats have been venturing offshore on the Pacific side, traveling as far as 40 miles offshore trying to find schools of Tuna willing to bite. Very few have succeeded.

DORADO: Dorado have to share “fish of the week” honors with Striped Marlin this week, but at least they are back to making up a larger percentage of the catch. Action had tapered off a bit last week, but they seem to be here in force once again. For boats trying to get some meat, fishing that band of water on the Pacific side from the beach to 3 miles out has been the most productive. Since this is the area the Marlin have been in as well, its no surprise that boats catching one species were catching the other as well. There were plenty of limits to be had and the action was pretty steady throughout the day.

WAHOO: The occasional Wahoo continued to surprise anglers, and crews as well, as these toothy fish managed to snip many lures from leaders without anyone noticing! Boats that were using wire leader, or just happened to get hooked right, were bringing back fish averaging 30 pounds. There were not a lot of them, but enough to make each strike a possibility.

INSHORE: There is little change in this weeks inshore report from last weeks with the exception of the Marlin action. When the fish get close like this everyone gets in on the game, and it was not unusual this week for the Pangas to release several Striped Marlin each trip. We are still seeing a few more Sierra and small Yellowtail every week. With the Dorado action being so good just off the beach, there has not been much in the way of effort next to the beach so it is hard to tell exactly what is there, but reports from a few of the Panga captains I know show that there are still small Roosterfish (less than 5 pounds) and a scattering of Amberjack and Snapper.

FISH RECIPE: I am going to post this weeks fish recipe as a separate post on the blog, so check it out if you are looking for something new to try!

NOTES: Our fishing right now is about as good as it gets, with the exception of Tuna, so if you have any free time, get down this way for a couple of days fishing! You never want to hear the words “you should have been here last week”, and I never like having to say them, so treat yourself to an early Christmas present. Seahawks are playing Minnesota this afternoon so I will be watching that game, sure would be nice to see the Hawks win another one! This weeks report was written to the music of Alex DePue and Miguel De Hoyas on their CD “Underground Whispers”. Until next week, tight lines!

And as always, George writes this report

and posts to the blog on Sunday morning. So if you

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