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Default Getting the drag set correctly

Getting the drag set correctly

The biggest mistake made by anglers is to have their drag set improperly. Most manufacturers recommend that your drag be set at one-third of your line's test weight. This means that a reel holding 15-pound test line should have the drag set to let out line at 5 pounds of pull. To set your drag run the line out through your rod's guides, tie a loop in the end, and then use the hook on a fish scale (the tool, not the fish body part) to pull on the line. When the weight shown on the scale is one-third of your rated line weight, the drag should be letting out line. If not, adjust the drag until it does
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Just different opinions, I think that method is the biggest mistake you can make. I use Spectra and quality rods with Fuji SIC (silicone carbide) guides which are the best at dissipating heat from line friction and are unaffected by Spectra.
Try picking up a 5 lb weight vertically from the ground with your rod, set the drag, then pick it up horizontally (your fishing position) and see what happens to the drag. I don't use mono any more so I haven't tested it but I think the friction would be greater with soft mono and different eyes.

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