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Big Hammer
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Default East Goleta Beach - July 27 & 28, 2006:

July 27th:

My third attempt to put my 14 year old nephew Brian from Delaware on a decent inshore bite finally paid off. We surf fished East Goleta Beach last night just past the slough. I got a short halibut right away which made the evening look promising. Then we had a dry period where we just couldn't get bit. Brian was once again loosing faith. Then finally I hook up and it feels pretty good. Once I saw the fish I was pretty sure it was legal so I walked it to the beach and sure enough it was just shy of 24 inches. While I am removing the hook I look up and Brian is on with his first halibut of the day. I go back out and join him for about a half an hour of a pretty wide open bite ending with Brian catching a halibut that was just shy of being legal.

By the end of the bite, Brian, who had never even touched a spinning rod before his trip out here, was feeling bites/fish, setting the hook, and playing the fish like a pro. He really picked it up fast - I was impressed!

We ended up with at least 14 halibut (I lost count of mine after 6) that included one legal. Most fish were in the 16 - 19 inch range. All fish were caught on 3 inch swimbaits in the "Cream Soda" and "Sea Wolf" colors on 1/4 oz. light wire jig heads and Pro-Cure's Krill bait gel.

July 28th:

After yesterday's success my nephew Brian and I headed back to East Goleta Beach this evening for some more surf fishing. The conditions weren't quite as good as yesterday but it was still fishable. As the tide came in it got better. About 15 minutes after we got there I got a short halibut which would end up being my only one of the evening. After another 45 minutes or so I get bit again, this time it's not a halibut. I feel some nice head shakes and the thing takes off. After a few nice runs we see a questionable white seabass come up. After a quick measurement it turns out to be a disappointing 27.25 inches! Darn!! Fun fight though. A little while later Brian gets a short halibut. Then, just before we were about to leave I hook something else that initially feels big and then just takes off and doesn't stop. It gets me close to the end of my spool and I am forced to button it down and break it off. I didn't feel any head shakes so my guess is that I snagged a leopard shark.

All fish were caught on 3 inch "Sea Wolf" colored swimbaits.
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Thanks for the report! Was looking for love today just a bit south of you at Ventura Harbor. Managed a small ray and my first ling from the rocks....Only it was 6 inches!

Next time I'm headed up I'll PM ya and maybe you can show me some tricks!
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sounds like some fun fishing

Did you try any bigger swim baits?

"Bigger baits equal bigger fish"?

Thanks for the report and good to hear your nephaw caught on to fishing quick!

Thanks for the report!
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