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Capt. Jeff Rogers
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Default Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Sept. wrap-up.

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report Ė September wrap-up.

September is always the slowest month of the year for tourism but, hardly ever the slowest month for marlin. The only reason that there are less marlin being caught in this month (as usual) is that there are less boats going out. Itís always a weird feeling to be out on the water this time of year and not see any other boats out and wonderÖ did they close off the ocean today and I didnít get the memo? This year has been even slower for charter than the past few and part of that reason might be the severe weather conditions that we have been having. It seems that the hurricane and tropical storm warnings just keep coming back to back. The storms have been going around us and not hitting us but if youíre a tourist looking for a sunny vacation and see a forecast that you might be in a hurricane while on your vacation in Hawaii, it might be time to re-think your plans. Even without a direct hit by these storms, weíve been seeing flooding here in Kona like Iíve never seen before. Iíve lived in Kona for over 30 years and the frequency and amount of rainfall this year has been the most Iíve ever seen. Some of the YouTube videos about it are awesome! I mentioned in last months fishing report about the ďGodzilla El NinoĒ and many people think that itís this effect that has brought on one of the best marlin bites Kona has seen in years but one of the other effects of that warmer water is more ocean water evaporation, causing more humidity, causing higher than normal air temperatures and causing more rainfall. All of that water vapor climbs up the steep mountains, cools and then dumps on us! The good news is... The water has started to cool down a little bit and with it, a little less rain, a little less humidity and finally some cooler temperatures.

The mahi mahi have started moving in as is typical for this time of year and the tuna bite on the buoys and ledges has been pretty good too. Thereís obviously been a new hatch of both mahi mahi and tunas because on the few charters I have had this month, Iíve been picking up some real small babies of both. Iíve seen a few spearfish flags hanging in the harbor and I usually do pretty good with those because I pull small lures on stand-up tackle out in the deep. I guess Iíve just been able to steer around them. Recently I caught some ono out in the deep but from what I hear from other fishermen, the near shore ono bite is still real slow. Itís the end of their season anyway but one thing about ono, we can have a good run any month of the year.

I always end my reports with the bottom fishing bite but again, because of the fickle currents and the good trolling bite, I havenít been doing much of it. In fact, on my last three trips, the bottom fishing grounds were so rough, it was un-fishable anyway but hereís something about Hawaii bottom fishing to consider. The high El Nino water temperatures have killed vast amounts of corals in the shallower waters by a process known as ďcoral bleachingĒ. If you Google that and ďKonaĒ you will find that itís pretty big and just now reaching the news media. Itís certainly a big enough issue to deserve it. As we head toward winter and the better bottom fishing season, it will be interesting to what effect that has on the deep bottom fishing.

See Ďya on the water soon ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,

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