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Default Rpt Sat 2-02-08 Bass on the chew!

Here I am with back to back 4 Lb Sand Bass caught on Lal?s private boat ?Rubber Ducky? on Sat. 2-02-08 out of Long Beach. Another great local bass bite for the two of us, finishing with 27 Calico Bass to 2.5 lbs. and 30 Sand Bass to 4 lbs.

I met Lal at his house in Cerritos at 5:00 am, where it was a balmy 48 degrees. We launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 6am, arriving at our destination shortly after 6:30 am.

The ride out was chilly, but tolerable, as we had to slow down to navigate the 3-5 foot swells head on. Other than the swells, the seas were calm, with a modest breeze, all of 2-3 knots. Off in the distance we could see Catalina clearly, with some white puffy cumulous clouds scattered here and there. No signs of any pending storm.

Kurt in his boat ?Trailer Trash? with friend Dan were already fishing, and had one bass to show for their efforts. The first hour was a slow pick for all of us, with a little flurry every now and then. With a Bakers dozen bass on board, 80% Calicos and only one bass in the last ? hour, Lal decided to run up the line to scout out some old territory, which sometimes produces a good bite. Once again heading up swell, the 20 minute run produced some more shivers, as the air had quite a nip to it.

My first cast produced a nice sand bass.

Another sand bass.

I caught this sandy on a 4? Red Flake plastic, with a ? oz red lead head. Another color that worked fairly well was Calico Hunter, also in the 4? model. Suddenly the bite took off, and produced 17 more bass in about 45 minutes before dying as quickly as it started. The current against the wind, and a constant change in direction messed up the drifts, and also must have confused the bass? However, given the huge amount of bait we were metering, with some of the bass coughing up squid, we figured they were no longer hungry.

Another private boater stopped by to check out our results, and indicated they had jigged up some squid, and observed numerous working birds picking squid off the surface. Hopefully that means WSB and Yellowtail locally soon? If only the water temps would come up, currently registering 55.8.

Lal with a typical 2.5 lb. Calico Bass.

Another look

Cory with a Calico Bass.

Another look

Low tide was at 1:30 pm, it was now 10:30 am, and with no bass being caught in the last hour, we decided to return to more of our familiar bass grounds, pleased that we could add another productive area to our memory. The weather in the morning remained pleasant, with still a nip in the air, but Mr. Sunshine had been kind enough to stop by every now and then and warm us up. The clouds seemed to come and go, and whenever the sun peeked through, it provided a nice relief from the cold air.

The next two hours produced few fish, until a nice flurry of 7 bass in five minutes. A slow pick returned, and eventually died out again by slack tide at 1:30 pm. Lal pointed the Rubber Ducky towards home, as we stopped and picked at a few more bass on the way, finishing at 2:30 pm with 57 total bass, to go with several nice sized sheep head, sculpin, and a half dozen assorted rockfish. I also caught an 8 lb. baby Black Sea Bass, which we quickly filleted and released.

Another look at my twin 4 lb. Sandies.

Neither Lal nor I got bitch slapped today, I guess the big boys were dining on squid and had no need to chase down our swim baits?

Thanks again Lal for another fabulous day on the Rubber Ducky, I never want it to end, and can?t wait until we do it again.

Hook up! Cory
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Team MOF
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The suns shining but you guys are all bundled up! You guys look cold but who care, as long as the fish are still biting.
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Nice job you guys!
I need to get my trailer fixed and get back out
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It takes alot of talent to catch bass with plastics in this cold water.

Nice going guys!

So did the bsb taste good? (disclaimer I know it was released)
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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