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Default Rpt Sat. 4-5-08 Rockfish and Bass Locally

I met Lal at his house in Cerritos at 4:45 am, where it was a balmy 59 degrees. We launched out of Davies, in Long Beach, and cleared the harbor by 5:45 am, arriving at our destination shortly after 6:20 am.

The ride out was uneventful, although there was a serious lump once we left the protection of the breakwater. At Davies launch ramp the water temp was 62.2 degrees, providing us with some optimism about local water temps rising to an acceptable level. Not to be, as we faced a continued drop through out the harbor, registering 58.5 near Queens gate, 56.5 outside the San Pedro light house, and dropping into the 54?s at Point Fermin, all the way down to 53.2 at our starting location, yikes!

Could not see Catalina today with very overcast conditions, and what looked like a very deep marine layer offshore. Consequently there were no sunrise pictures available. The swells continued to build, and it looked like fantastic surfing conditions would be available somewhere on our beaches.

We buddy boated with Kurt on his boat ?Trailer Trash?, who lost his Ho to personal reasons. To say the bass fishing was real slow would be an understatement! Lal and I had one lone Sand bass between us for the first 1 ? hours of fishing. Rich on his boat Taxfree, were targeting Ling Cod not far from us, and when he announced they had caught a 27? Ling Cod, Lal suggested we give it a try, since the bass did not want to play this morning. I need to mark this day down on the calendar, as I thought I would never hear those words uttered from Lal?s mouth.

Meanwhile Kurt was having a bit better luck at bass fishing, catching some on the drift and on the troll. As Lal and I managed to catch a few rockfish, 2 Coppers, a Chocolate, a Starry, and some Scupin, Kurt got into a short half hour wide open Bass bite, topping his day off with a 4 Lb. Calico and a 50 LB Black Seabass. We hurried to the bite, abandoning our Ling Cod pursuit instantly, probably never to be re-visited again with Lal, at least in my lifetime? Heaven help us should the bass bite be so poor again?

On our first drift Lal caught three quick Sand Bass to 2 lbs. and I added a Sand Bass and couple of Calico Bass to 3 lbs. Here I am with a 3 Lb. Calico Bass.

Another look

It was over as quick as it started. We caught one more Sand Bass the rest of the day. We metered fish all day, but the cold water temps apparently were little incentive for the bass to remain in any kind of feeding mode for a longer time period.

As the afternoon approached the wind remained mostly calm, although the swells were definitely building, as some were definitely over 6 feet. Rich on Taxfree had moved to the Horseshoe kelp area, and found a good Sand Bass and Sculpin bite on live sardines. So we joined them for a few drifts. They wanted the live bait, as the plastics went untouched. I caught a sculpin on a Megabait lure. On our ride over a few whitecaps appeared, but the high winds forecasted never materialized, and actually subsided at the Horseshoe.

We decided that we couldn?t stand having anymore fun and began our trek back to the dock, just before 2pm, not wanting to miss the Final Four basketball games. Being a USC fan, it was difficult to feel bad for UCLA, but I did sympathize somewhat, as I remembered USC?s attempt to win 3 National football titles in a row, when they lost to Texas in the 2005 Rosebowl. That was painful to remember. Gad, three straight final four appearances and nothing to show for it, is very sad, however I couldn?t bring myself to shedding any tears. Sorry Bruins, you?ll probably be back in 2009 with all that talent available.

It was a slow, slow day for Lal and I, and I guess it can only get better? Please, can we get some sustained warmer weather, and less wind and upwelling for the local waters? We need 60+ degree water temps to get the spring bite going. Because Kurt tamed the beast today, neither of us got bitch slapped on this trip.

Thanks again Lal, we will get them next time. Need badly to pull on a Yellowtail or WSB soon. Still better than working or performing Honey Do?s at home.

Hook up! Cory
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Cold water everywhere right now.

You said it right Cory, better than a day at work.
Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.
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This has to be a record low(slow) for you guys. Usually a slow day for you guys is a dozen or so bass

I couldn't beleive it when you said you guys tried for rockfish,Lal hates rockfishing

I have always loved to fish and eat rockfish

Thansk for the report!
Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Too bad about the slow fishing but what the hell at least you guys got out. Sounds like it was pretty slow for most today......unfrickenfortunately it looks like another couple days of some wind before we get some warmer weather over the weekend.

Thanks for reporting Cory and Lal.
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