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Default Rpt Sat 05-15-10 Descanzo Bay,Sun 05-16-10 SCI.

Well I pretty much scratched my fishing itch last week, fishing with Lal out of Long Beach, Wednesday, 05-12-10, Tony Jr. and Sr. out of San Diego in Descanzo Bay, Saturday 05-15-10 and Sunday 05-16-10 fishing with Dave Robinson at San Clemente Island. Although none of the trips produced any exotics, they all produced plenty of fish and good fun!


Met Lal at his house in Cerritos at 4:30 am, and launched the Rubber Ducky at 5:15 am, out of Huntington Harbor, with our destination being the Newport Pipe and Reef area. We met Jerry (Wall Man) and friend at the dock, where at first they were going to buddy boat with us, then changed their minds and headed to Izors Reef instead.

The seas were calm, with a little bit of swell, arriving at the Pipe at 6:00 am. The tides for the day were lousy, and what little current there was, provided a mixed mess for drifting. We started out with a slow pick and it only got slower as the day progressed. The air was chilly, very overcast, and neither of us removed our jackets until late morning. The first hour produced 10 mixed Calico and Sand Bass, while the next 2 hours produced another 10 with a few Sculpin and small rockfish mixed in. After 9am we only caught five more Bass, and only one at Izors where we met back up with Jerry at 11am. At 12:30 pm, with the wind picking up, and one bite in 1 ½ hours, we called it a day. Jerry had spent most of the morning at the Rigs, catching some Reds. They ended the day similar to us, with a very slow pick on the Bass, while at Izors.

Here are some pictures of Lal with the only picture worthy Bass caught.

Today’s big’n, a four pounder!

A couple of three’s!

Saturday 05-15-10

Fishing on Tony Junior’s 21’ Triumph “Bad Fish”, with Tony Senior and their friend John. I left Diamond Bar at 3:10am Saturday morning arriving at Shelter Island just before 5am. We bought a generous half scoop of dynamite Sardines from EB, and set a course for Descanzo Bay some 32 miles south, clearing the harbor by 5:45 am.. It was a very smooth ride down, with only a gentle swell reminding us we were on a boat. Junior checked in with a few boats he knew were fishing the Islands and the Rockpile, and all was quiet. He did this several times in the morning to avoid missing any of the expected action on the Yellowtail. It turned out to be a down day for Tails?

Our first couple of drifts produced some excellent Calico and Sand Bass fishing on the plastics. They especially enjoyed eating my 5” Clear Red Flake swim bait, with a 1 ½ oz lead head.

Here I am with a sweet four pound Calico Bass.

John with a smaller Sand Bass.

Tony Junior with a small but colorful Vermillion Rockfish.

Myself with another healthy Calico Bass.

One of the seven nice Sandies I caught.

The bite slowed so we made a move deeper into the Bay in a bit shallower water. We caught mostly smaller Brown rockfish, and even smaller Gopher Cod in this area. Here is Tony Senior with one of the bigger Brown Rockfish.

I did find a nice Vermillion that went after my Lucanous knockoff lure.

A couple of White Fish also attacked the lure.

Fishing slowed so we moved back outside close to our original drifting position, and found more Sand Bass on the chew.

Myself with another dandy Sandy.

John with a Sand Bass.

After a bit of a dry spell for me, I added a 2 oz sliding sinker to my plastic rig and caught back to back Grump’s!

We had white caps by 10am, which produced a very rapid drift, necessitating heavier weights. We continued to pick away at the smaller Brown’s and Gopher Cod, with an occasional Sand Bass mixed in. Strangely no Lingcod today, as this area usually holds plenty of the 20 to 22’ variety. Junior decided we would begin our trek back up the line at 2pm, first stopping at a couple other stones in 60’ of water outside the Bay. No luck there. The ride uphill wasn’t bad, as we set a course for Imperial Beach to make a few drifts for Halibut.

While drifting I filleted the fish we didn’t release. Called it a day at 4:30 pm, with only a few slashed dines for our efforts, plus a couple of decent sized Sculpin. Yum, yum, good fish tacos! Thanks Junior and Senior, a fun day for all. Nice to meet you John.

Sunday, 05-16-10

Fishing with Dave Robinson on his 28' Farallon, “Hooked” with crew Nouri and Lal. Our destination being San Clemente Island. We left Dave’s slip in Newport Beach at 5:15am, clearing the harbor by 5:50am, after picking up three scoops of sardines at the new bait barge; these sardines were good and healthy and lasted the entire day. This allowed us to chum at times, providing some outstanding action on the Calico Bass.

Dave set a course for the West End of SCI, and the ocean was a bit lumpy, preventing us from cruising at full speed, making only 20 to 22 knots, and backing down to 19 at times. We reached Northwest Harbor at 8:15 am, and watched as the Freedom headed over to Target Rock. We later saw the Independence, Shogun, Eclipse, Big Game 90, and the Spectra all fishing the backside of San Clemente Island.

We anchored up near Northwest Harbor, close to the Kelp Line. The air was frigid, and very misty. My hands hurt touching the water, when I selected a sardine to fly line. We caught just a few Calico Bass at this spot; with the water temp a chilly 59.9 degrees. Dave did start the day off right with this big Calico Bass.

We tried a few more spots on the front side with similar results. We discussed moving up the front side towards the White Rock area, however, with the Freedom and another couple of boats heading down from that area, I suggested we at least check out the backside. As we headed over past the Runway, the water temps increased about a ½ degree. The water was a bit off color, yet gradually cleared up as the day went on.

We anchored up on a few shallow water reefs, which Dave knew held some big Calico Bass at times. In fact we both caught some three weeks ago on the iron, while drifting over this area. Fly lining did not produce any results, however, Lal throwing the plastics picked off a couple of nice Vermillion Rockfish.

Lal isn’t into Rock Cod fishing, however, I think he was rather satisfied with catching these tasty rascals, and hope’s his Asian neighbor will fix up a great dinner for them.

We scratched out some more rockfish on this reef in only 110’ of water, such as Starries, Bocaccio, Coppers, and Johnny Bass, to go with only a few Calico Bass. The bite died, so we continued up the backside, and anchored up in tight to a huge kelp bed. Dave threw some chum and the water erupted with boils all over the place. We all got bit immediately, and repeatedly lost fish to the kelp, yet pulled some huge Bass out of the weeds.

Lal pulled this big fellow out of the weeds!

Nouri in on the action!

Dave with a big’n!

Myself and Dave with a big double!

Lal with another big guy!

Dave and Lal team up for a couple of sweet looking Calico Bass.

Dave with what we think was the JP Calico, closing in on six pounds.

We spent four hours in this spot, catching and releasing well over a hundred Calico Bass. Called it a day shortly before 4pm and cruised home making good time, arriving Newport Harbor just after 6pm. Wow, what a day of Calico Bass fishing. Never saw any Yellowtail, except maybe a few off the west end under birds, which sank out as we approached. I caught a few short barriers, but no Bonito today. Water just plain too cold!

Thanks again Dave, another fantastic trip together. Wow I had a great weekend, and I am very tired!

Hook up!


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