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Default 8/27 Premier

I took my son Jon to the Premier to fish since they were heading out to catalina hoping to finally get him his first Yellowtail. The weather was improving and the water was warming. We show up at 5am to make sure we can get a good spot and to our dismay, nobody is there. Anglers I mean. The place was a ghost town. We got our spots on the stern and loaded up with Karl at the helm. Only 20 people aboard. We stopped to pick up bait which was mostly healthy chovies with some mixed dines. Here's what the morning looked like to start us off.

We got underway and as I looked back I got this shot.

We got running to the island while Mike the deckhand cleaned up the deck for a great day of fishing.

We got to the island and the first stop we got mauled by salami size macs. So Karl moved us over and then it was game on. We had free swimming yellows, bass & bonito. I was fishing the grunion pattern 4" fishtrap on a green 1/2oz head and got nailed by a 3lb bonito on my bass rod w/ 15lb line. My son gets slammed by a nice cuda on a green/silver flake fishtrap on 12lb test. Then he sent it home also to get in on the C.A.S.T. drawing. Then I got a couple calicos that I sent home to get bigger as did Jon. They were legal but it was to early to put fish in the sack and we wanted to get some cards turned into the C.A.S.T. drawing that United Anglers runs. After about a hour we moved down the beach some and same thing. This time I had a aprox 10lb yellow come right to the boat and hit my fishtrap. I watched him come right thru the macs to grab it and BAM, he rips the tail off right behind the hook. I'm putting in trap hooks from now on. Although I don't know what I would've done if I hooked him. I was fishing a 8 1/2' bass rod with 15lb line. This went on for most of the day. Cudas here and there, Bonito and perch. Finally a guy hooks a fork and were all hoping for more but no love. We moved to a little deeper spot and I got a nice sheephead off a sandy area that was on the edge of a reef. I was hoping for a big flattie but He'll do.

We ended the day by bird rock with a great bite and show from the cudas and bass. I was tossing a blue/white tady C and had the bass coming out of the water after it along with a few cuda blowing up on it.
Total for the day; 6 calicos released, 2 cuda, 3 bonito and my son did about the same. Another great trip aboard the Premier.
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Nice report, thanks for the great pix Mark!
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Only 20 people on that boat is wide open fishing with lots of room.

Too bad the Yellows did not want to bite.

Thanks for the report!
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Wow, sounds like some fun action with your son. Priceless. Sorry you got short bit- that really "bites"
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glad you had a good trip,, always be readt you never know when yellows will be comming thru,,, thanks
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