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Default Rpt Sat. 04-24-10 Brrrrrr, Cold Water, Decent Bass'n!

Fishing Sat. 4-24-10, with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Sunset Harbor in Huntington Beach at 5:00 am, our beginning destination being the Pipe, in Newport Beach. The ride down to the pipe was sweet, as the seas were almost flat and greasy calm.

We reached the pipe around 5:45 am, water temps a chilly 55.2 degrees, however, on his first cast, Lal got hammered on the drop, bringing up a small Calico Bass. I got short bit several times, and then Lal hooked another Bass, this time a one pound Sand Bass. It was my turn, and I caught a decent size Sculpin. Lal was still hot, and brought up this 3 pound Sand Bass.

I followed up with another nice Sandy!

Lal re-set us on another drift over the pipe. Lal again finds a hungry Sand Bass.

Not to be out done, I get absolutely schooled, as a possible good sized Black Sea Bass takes some serious drag, I gain some line, another good run, I gain a little bit of line back, yet the 15 LB. test line can’t overcome the Black’s reaching it’s cave, and the line part’s, with at least six feet of it coming up frayed! I am bummed? Oh well it was a thrill for sure!

I retie, and my very next cast gets thumped, big time, more serious drag is taken, I go, “oh no”, “not another Black”, nope, this time, even though the fish found it’s home and I could feel the rock, I managed to pull him out, and up comes the big’n of the day, a five pound Sand Bass!

The bite slowed at the pipe so we headed over to the reef, we managed only a slow pick for a couple of Calico Bass, and a few more Sand Bass for the next hour. Lal decided to head for Izor’s, with a stop on some good size stones on the way. This area is so small, that if the drift is fast, you are off the spot in seconds. Well today the drift was slow and we caught some Quality Bass on this little area of rock.

Lal with another nice Sand Bass.

Another three+ pounder by me.

A good sized Calico Bass decides he likes my plastic.

We catch all that wanted to bite in this area and move on to Izor’s Reef. It’s a real slow pick, with a few Sand Bass here and there. I catch the last of the picture moments with this 3+ LB. Sandy.

At 1pm, the current was already ripping, and then the wind picked up to 12 knots, getting to the bottom, with 1.5 oz lead heads, became a problem. We still managed to catch a few more Sand Bass, a couple more Rockfish and a Sculpin. The wind was now closing in on over 15 knots, time to get out of Dodge. We ended the day with 33 Mixed Bass, mostly Sandies, three Sculpin, and several Rockfish. At the dock at 2:30 pm, with the wind now howling at over 20 knots!

Thanks again Lal, another fun adventure on the Rubber Ducky!

Hook up! Cory
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