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Default Lake Irvine 4/13

Well once again the skunk reared its pink-dot in my direction. Pretty slow going on the lake, doesn't seem like they've had a good stocking in a while. The bite seems to be real spotty. We tried every thing, Rapalas, two types of dough bait in every color, spinners, mini-jigs, various crank baits and night-crawlers (inflated, floated and bottom) Fished all the "hot spots" and also under some nice trees with a fair ammount of insects buzzin around. Even tried some nice shaded inflows for catfish using night-crawlers and muwongs barfomatic turd-nuggets...I think thats what they were called...Thats what they smelled like anyways. Zero-Zip-Nada.

Me and the wife still had a great freakin day on the water. The wild life there is awsome. And the best news, NO CORMORANTS (I hate those things on pay-lakes)! But then again I guess that means its pretty slim pickins. The Eagles, Coots, Mallards, Turkey Vultures, Hawks, Herrings and Cranes turned a slow fishing day to a nice bird-watching day. I know it sounds lame but it was very relaxing.

Well with the water so very high and it being so dirty and the lack of your normal gluttons the Cormorant I would have to say that if it's trout you're after maybe take a pass on this lake for a while. My friend said he read that a ton of fish were lost over the spill-way at the dam too. So it's going to need a few nice fat restockings and the water needs to clear up a bit more untill things start to pick up. But also remember the clocks ticking and the water is getting warmer by the day so the trout season may be almost over. But if you are just out to chill and take in the scenery this place can't be beat.
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Hey Johnny sorry to hear of the slow day but good to hear you and your wife had a good time.

Thanks for the report!
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