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Question Hydraulic steering?

Okay, some of you have heard... on my last outing, the steering cable broke and we got towed back into the harbor The good news is that the radio worked and all the other work that I recently did came out perf. especially the tower and the drive shaft repair- I love it

Anyway, now I need to replace the steering, and I don't want to invest in another cable system so I decided to get a new hydraulic steering unit that fits my boat. I already removed the steering wheel, old rack and pinion helm unit and the steering shaft end from the motor steering tube. I left the old steering cable laying there, so I can use it to drag the new lines/hoses and follow the same route under the floor of the boat.

Have any of you installed hydraulic steering? Any tips, ideas or personal experience? I'm also wondering if you have any ideas on rigging tubes or chafe guards for the hydraulic lines- or if they are even worth the trouble or needed on my boat? Until then, I am just studying the instructions and admiring the shiny, new parts
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