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The helm pump on the Sea Star Pro began to leak last winter. That fluid can really travel; it's a dangerous situation when the fluid runs down the bulkhead and ends up on the deck. A leaky quad-ring seal is a fairly common thing, I guess, maybe they fail after 5 years or more???

Here's a picture of the part I'm talking about. After removing the wheel & circular plate, it's right there.

Fortunately, I found a great tutorial online...

If anyone has trouble like this, I would encourage you to save yourself the 100 to 300 bucks and fix it yourself. The repair is a lot easier than it looks. I took the boat out last Sunday for a trial (out of Dana Harbor) and it was as dry as a bone. I also tested out the thru-hull that was leaking. I sealed it with 5200 and no more leaks.

The quad rings are somewhat inexpensive (price lists say about 2 bucks), but no shops carry them. I could only find seal kits which ranged from 60-100 bucks. Alan from Custom John's Marine (Anaheim, CA) hooked me up! 10 bucks for the seal by itself. Hope this helps someone.

Take care guys and have a great 4th!
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