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Default July 8-11, Lake San Antonio

Yearly family Water-skiing trip with a little fishing thrown in.

July 8: Arrived late afternoon. Took the boat out to set up our day camp. On the way back we stopped at the mouth of Harris Creek to let the kids fish a little. We didn't have too much time but my 10 year old Nephew Zack managed to get two smallmouth (13 & 14 inches).

July 9: Float tubed North of the Lynch launch ramp in the morning from about 5:00 am until 7:30 am. It was very slow. Tried various lures for nothing. Kicked down past two major points. At about 7:00 am I turned around and quickly started kicking back toward the launch ramp as I only had until about 7:30 am. On my way back I threw a 3 inch Big Hammer at the shoreline and was able to pick up three largemouth between 12 and 14 inches.

Throughout the day at our day camp (North shore just inside Bee Rock Cove) we had a pretty decent bite on smallmouth. Not really focusing on fishing several of us would just grab a rod and make a few casts here and there throughout the day. My 7 year old Nephew Ryan got three including a 16 and 18 incher. My sister Brigitta also got three smallies in the 12 to 15 inch range and I picked up a couple as well.

Ryan's 16 inch smallmouth

This evening after dinner we walked down near the Lynch launch ramp and boat dock and fished from shore for an hour or so for a couple nice largemouth caught by my brother-in-law Mark.

July 10: Took the boat out early this morning. Launched at the Harris Creek launch ramp. My initial plan was to go into the cove at the mouth of Harris Creek and hit the rock walls and points to try for smallmouth. On the way over I decided to stop and fish the first main point to the right. I positioned the boat, Mark threw out just off the point and hooked up immediately. I noticed that the fight was a little different. A little more steady pulling instead of the craziness of a black bass. I thought striper and sure enough a couple minutes later Mark pulls in about a 15 inch striper. Cool! Every year I think about getting on a striper bite but don't really want to fish bait to find it. A few mintues later Mark hooks up again. This time the fish starts pulling some good drag on his 8 lb. spinning gear. He gets it to the boat, just about lands it, and it shakes out of his hand and breaks off. Looked to be about a 5 pounder. He re-ties, casts out, and immediately hooks up again. After a nice fight he gets a 7 pounder on the boat. Shortly after that Zack hooks up and gets worked by a fish we never see. Breaks him off on 8 pound. The bite seemed to die off a little so we move down to a "sub" point just to the North and sure enough as soon as we get there Mark hooks up and lands another one at 6 pounds. Meanwhile I can't seem to get a striper to hit but do get a couple of smallmouth and one spotted bass. The bite slows down about an hour after it starts so we move around inside of the cove for a few more smallies to about 2 pounds.

The fishing at our day camp today wasn't as hot as it was yesterday but we did manage to get a few smallies in the 11 to 14 inch range.

July 11: Took the boat out early again and ran straight to the point were we found the stripers yesterday. Unfortunately, they didn't want to play again. Ryan came with us today and got a nice largemouth there but not much else. We moved around again and caught several more smallies including a nice 2.5 pounder Zack caught.

The fishing at our day camp was slow. Only one smallmouth caught but there wasn't too much fishing today as we were having fun being pulled around in the tube.

All fish were caught casting and straight grinding 3 inch Big Hammer swimbaits. Most of the fish were caught on the Blue Shad color except for one largemouth on the Silverside color and Zack's 2.5 pounder which was on the Margarita color.

Most of the pictures were taken using my sister's camera and they are staying up there until Sunday. I plan on posting more as soon as I get them.
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